Confidence and K-Dramas

PROVO, Utah – Jan 05, 2023 – As she looks forward to graduation in April 2023, Shayna Oh looks back on the last five years with gratitude for what she has felt and learned at the BYU Marriott School of Business. Beyond gaining an education, Oh has enjoyed meaningful relationships and forged connections between her passions and her coursework.

A native of Salt Lake City, Oh knew the master of information systems (MISM) program would challenge her—both academically and socially. “I felt a lot of imposter syndrome when I started at BYU Marriott,” says Oh. “I definitely experienced some isolation during my junior core. But when I started to meet more people in my program, I realized many people experience similar feelings of not fitting in.” 

Working with professors in her program helped Oh foster further connections at BYU Marriott. “Before going into the master’s program, I’d always been intimidated by the professors. But I’ve learned they are so cool because they are knowledgeable, they care about their students, and they have so much to offer. Everyone has stories, and my professors share fun details about their lives that help us feel connected to them,” says Oh.

Oh’s internship at FamilySearch broadened her perspective about the importance of connections in the workforce. “Working with people who had different roles than I did helped me focus on what I knew how to do and trust that my team members could handle what I didn’t know how to do as well,” says Oh. “I became better at what I’m passionate about, and it was nice to work in that kind of collaborative environment.”

Working as a teaching assistant (TA) is another way Oh connects with others. Through interactions with faculty and students, she has developed an increased love for teaching and helping people. As a TA for the information systems project management class, Oh sees the potential in her fellow classmates. “I hope the students who work with me feel supported. I hope my encouragement and teaching will show them that they can do hard things,” she says. 

In addition to overcoming isolation to find connection, Oh embraced other challenges as a BYU Marriott student by welcoming and loving her own uniqueness. When she started the MISM program, she had to learn how to be herself. For Oh, being herself meant connecting her personal interests—such as Korean dramas—to her coursework. Korean dramas are Oh’s go-to for a fun, entertaining time.  “Anyone who has worked with me knows I will just pull K-dramas in. Whether it’s building a website or doing data analytics, I like to include things I love. It helps me be more engaged in my program,” she says. 

Not only has Oh learned to blend her interests with her coursework, but she’s also acquired a unique blend of skills from her program. “Information systems is an awesome skill set because it pulls together technology and business to make the user experience smoother,” she notes.

As Oh nears graduation, she knows that wherever she lands next, she’ll continue to thrive. “Going to school at BYU Marriott has helped me to expand my network and learn how to create meaningful relationships and connections with students and faculty,” she says. “I'm more confident in who I am and the skills I have, and being at BYU Marriott has helped me achieve that confidence.”

Shayna Oh
Shayna Oh will receive her master of information systems management in April 2023. Photo courtesy of Shayna Oh.
Shayna with friends from BYU Marriott on a trip to Switzerland.
Shayna with friends from BYU Marriott on a trip to Switzerland. Photo courtesy of Shayna Oh.

Media Contact: Chad Little
Writer: Samantha Clinger