The BYU Marriott School of Business follows BYU’s scholarship policies with few changes or exceptions.

Minimum Credit Hour Requirements

  • 12 credit hours fall/winter for undergraduate students, including first-year MAcc and MISM
  • 6 credit hours spring/summer for undergraduate students, including first-year MAcc and MISM
  • 9 credit hours fall/winter for graduate students (must be paying graduate tuition)
  • 4.5 credit hours spring/summer for graduate students (must be paying graduate tuition)

Credit hours at the Salt Lake Center do count toward total hours. Independent Study hours do not count toward total hours. For the purposes of scholarship awarding, first-year MAcc and MISM students are considered undergraduate students and must meet the 12-credit-hour requirement.


Scholarship recipients will receive notification of their award via email. Notification for Fall 2024/Winter 2025 will occur by mid-May for undergraduates and by early August for graduates. 

  • Undergraduate applicants can also check the Award Center on or after 31 May 2024 for further information regarding Fall 2024/Winter 2025 scholarship awards.
  • Graduates are welcome to check the Award Center up to 1 August 2024 for updates concerning scholarships.

Notification for Spring 2024/Summer 2024 will occur mid-April. Keep in mind that there are not usually scholarships for spring and summer.

Please note that we cannot release decisions over the phone or via email due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which protects students’ privacy.

Claiming a Scholarship

  • A scholarship will automatically appear on a student’s tuition billing statement once they register for the minimum number of credits required. The scholarship will credit toward tuition charges.
  • If students do not maintain the required credit hours, their entire award will be cancelled. They will then be responsible to pay all tuition charges and late fees.
  • If money from scholarships exceeds tuition and fees, the excess amount will be deposited in their personal checking account if they have authorized direct deposit, otherwise the refund will be mailed as a check to the student’s mailing address on myBYU. This also applies to mid-semester awards made after tuition has been paid.

Scholarship Amounts

BYU Marriott has a desire to help as many students as possible. Scholarships received from other sources, including BYU scholarships, will be considered and may affect the amount of an award given by BYU Marriott. Scholarship amounts vary. 

Exceptions and Petitions

  • Students may petition for exceptions to the policies. Exceptions are sometimes granted based on individual need and circumstances.
  • To submit a petition, students must fill out a form here.
  • Students in their last semester may request to take fewer hours. Depending on the amount, the scholarship may be prorated.
  • Students with BYU scholarships must petition for exceptions through BYU Financial Aid.

What if I have a question?

Call (801) 422-5791 or email msb_scholarships@byu.edu