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Greg Zippi

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Greg Zippi has spent more than three decades leading sales and marketing teams in nine different startup and growth-stage B2B software companies. The largest, and first, software company he ever joined was Oracle Corporation which had annual revenues of $53 Million when he became a member of the team in 1986. (Annual revenues had grown to $1 Billion when he left in 1990.) Following his time at Oracle, virtually all of the companies he has been a part of were venture-backed or bootstrapped with annual revenues in the range of $500K to $17 Million when he arrived. Of those nine companies, three went public, five were sold to larger enterprises and one is still TBD.

Mr. Zippi teaches courses in Professional Sales, Sales Management, and High Tech B2B Sales with an emphasis on early to mid-stage growth organizations. Throughout his career, he has sought to understand and implement a consistent, data-driven, professional approach for winning at sales. He focuses on startup and early growth stages of companies when they have minimal financial backing, little to no name recognition, a nascent product in an evolving category, and often no direct competition to speak of.


  • MBA, Brigham Young University, 1983


  • Spanish
  • English