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  • PHD, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, CLEMSON UNIVERSITY, 1994
  • BS, Recreation Management & Youth Leadership, BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY, 1986

Group Affiliations

  • Experience Research Society — 2022–0
  • World Experience Organization — 2021–0
  • Mountain Rescue Association — Organization certifying Search and Rescue teams. — 2009–0
  • National Recreation and Parks Association — Umbrella organization for all recreation-related fields. — 1986–0
  • Resort and Commercial Recreation Association — 2010–2011

Selected Publications

  • "Developing the Experience Impact Scale: A Qualitative Study Using A Study Abroad and International Internship Program", Journal of Leisure Research, Taylor & Francis, 2021
  • "Designing Experiences at Holocaust Memorial Sites", Dark Tourism and Pilgrimage, Pages 224-246, CABI, Wallingford, Daniel H. Olsen and Maximillano E. Korstanje, 2020
  • "Provocation and related subjective experiences along the dark tourism spectrum", Journal of Heritage Tourism, Edition 6, Volume 15, Pages 626-647, 2020
  • "Asking the Right Questions: Using Reflective Essays for Experiential Assessment.", Journal of Experiential Education, Pages 1-18, Sage Publications, 2019
  • "Evaluating the theory of structured experience propositions: Effects of service quality and experience industry techniques on quality of immediate leisure experiences.", Annals of Leisure Research, Taylor and Francis, 2019
  • "Help Me Grow Utah and the impact on family protective factors development", Journal of Children's Services, Edition 1, Volume 13, Pages 33-43, Emerald, Bingley, England, 2018
  • "Being Student and Practitioner Centered: Lessons Learned from Integrating a Recreation Management Department into a Business School.", Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education, Edition 2, Volume 31, Page 11, Sagamore, 2016
  • "The Value of a Master's Degree to Recreation Professionals", Schole: A Journal of Leisure Studies and Recreation Education, Edition 2, Volume 27, Pages unpaginated, Sagamore Publishing LLC, Champaign, IL, 2012
  • "Influences on active family leisure and healthy lifestyle among adolescents.", Leisure Sciences, Edition 4, Volume 34, Pages 332-349, 2012


Academic - Post-Secondary

  • Associate Professor, University of Nebraska, 1989–1999


  • Fulbright Scholar, Fulbright Commission, 2023
  • Honored Academic Alumni, Clemson University Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Managment, 2018
  • Outstanding Professional-Academic, Utah Recreation and Parks Association, 2016
  • Outstanding Citizenship, Marriott School of Management, 2014
  • Outstanding Citizenship, College of Health and Human Performance, 2008
  • Teaching and Learning with Technology Fellow, Brigham Young University, 2002
  • Alma and Israel Heaton Professional of the Year, Department of Recreation Management and Youth Leadership, 1998
  • Honored Alumni, College of Health and Human Performance, 1998
  • Phi Kappa Phi, Brigham Young University, 1998


  • Navajo; Navaho

Certificates and Licenses

  • Wilderness Advanced EMT — NOLS Wilderness Medicine — 2008