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Peter Madsen

Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources,

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Dr. Peter M. Madsen (PhD UC Berekeley, 2006) is a professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources at BYU’s Marriott School of Business. His research focuses on employee health and safety, organizational change management, and organizational learning from accidents, incidents, and near misses. Much of his work centers on how organizations can draw lessons from accidents and near accidents and enact change based on those lessons to improve subsequent employee safety. Madsen’s work has been published in top management and safety journals, including: Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management, Harvard Business Review, Business Ethics Quarterly, Risk Management, and Quality and Safety in Health Care. Madsen’s scholarship has recieved several awards, including:Western Academy of Management Ascendent Scholar, Next Generation of Hazards and Disasters Researchers Fellowship, Academy of Management Meetings Best Paper, and Western Academy of Management Best Paper.

Madsen’s teaches courses on human resource management, organizational behavior, change management, and crisis management at the undergraduate, MBA, and executive MBA levels. He also teaches corporate trainings and consults on these topics, as well as safety enhancement and organizational learning. Madsen has conducted training, consulting, and applied research projects with many large private, public, and government organizations, including: American Express, Belcan, Boeing, Infrabel, Microsoft, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Orange S.A., PCC Airfoils, Pratt & Whitney, ProRail, Statoil, the U.S. Coast Guard, the U.S. Navy.


  • Ph.D., Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations, University of California, Berkeley, 2006

Selected Publications

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  • Fulbright Research Award, Fulbright Organization, 2022
  • Western Academy of Management Best Paper Award, Western Academy of Management, 2014
  • Ascendent Scholar Award, Western Academy of Managemenet, 2013
  • Academy of Management Journal Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management Journal, 2010


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