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Eva M. Witesman, Ph.D. is an expert in strategic planning and evidence-based innovation, including a full range of quantitative and qualitative program evaluation tools, techniques and practices. Dr. Witesman focuses her work on the public and nonprofit sectors, seeking to improve public outcomes through data-informed management. Through her faculty appointment in the BYU MPA program, Dr. Witesman provides pro-bono evaluation and analysis services to select community partners. For more information, please contact Dr. Witesman by e-mail through the contact link provided on this page.

Group Affiliations

  • American Evaluation Association — 2016
  • American Society for Public Administration — 2009
  • Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action — 2009
  • Public Management Research Association — 2009

Selected Publications


  • Stewart Grow Research Fellowship, Marriott School of Management, 2016
  • Teacher of the Year, MPA Student Association (MPAA), 2015
  • Research Fellow, Ballard Center, 2011
  • Teacher of the Year, MPA Student Association (MPAA), 2009

Certificates and Licenses

  • Certificate of Fund Raising Management — Center on Philanthropy — 2004

BYU Citizenship

  • Learn Do Become Advisory Board — Committee/Council Member — January 2019
  • BYU Faculty Advisory Council (Research Committee) — Committee/Council Chair — September 2018
  • BYU GoodMeasure — Program Chair/Coordinator — September 2018

Professional Citizenship

  • Journal of Public Adminsitration Research and Theory, Editorial Review Board Member, January 2019
  • Academy of Management Public/Nonprofit Division, Officer (specify in Other), August 2017
  • American Review of Public Administration, Editorial Review Board Member, April 2015
  • Utah State Division of Substance Abuse Evidence-Based Workgroup, Committee/Council Member, 2013
  • Utah Government Auditors Association, Guest Speaker, November 2016–November 2016
  • National Governor's Association, Guest Speaker, September 2015–September 2015
  • Salt Lake Community Network, Guest Speaker, May 2015–May 2015
  • Northern Utah Association of Government Accountants, Guest Speaker, November 2014–November 2014
  • UTAH OPS Conference, Guest Speaker, September 2014–September 2014


  • Utah Governor's Office of Management and Budget — Provide consultation and training on topics related to performance measurement and program evaluation, including development of a roadmap for statewide adoption of evidence-based practice. — January 2014–December 2016
  • Utah Department of Health — Provided consultation on performance measure and program evaluation concepts generally. — December 2014–December 2014
  • National Governor's Association — Discussed statewide initiatives on evidence-based practice and potential models and opportunities for encouraging evidence-based practice in state governments. — October 2014–October 2014
  • Utah Department of Technology Services — Provided consultation on evaluation and reporting of technological security efforts provided by DTS to state government. — September 2014–September 2014