Head shot of Michael Swenson

Michael Swenson

Christensen Professor of Marketing,
Marketing and Global Supply Chain

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Selected Publications

  • "Video Game and Social Media Usage vis-à-vis Academic Performance in a Marketing Principles Course: An Empirical Analysis", Business Education Innovation Journal, Edition 1, Volume 13, Pages 129-133, 2021
  • "Engaging Students in Large Sections of Principles of Marketing", Business Education Innovation Journal, Edition 1, Volume 11, Pages 162-170, 2019
  • "An Empirical Analysis of the Success Factors in an Introductory Financial Management Class", Journal of the Academy of Business Education, Edition Winter 2017, Volume 18, Pages 231-284, 2017
  • "Entrepreneurial Marketing: A Framework for Creating Opportunity with Competitive Angles", Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Edition 1, Volume 13, Pages 47-52, North American Business Press, West Palm Beach, Florida, 2012
  • "Boom Start: Principles of Entrepreneurial Marketing", Edition 2nd, Kendall Hunt, 2010


  • Outstanding Faculty Award, Marriott School, 2011
  • Christensen Professor of Marketing, Brigham Young University, 2004
  • Outstanding Teaching Award, Marriott School, 1996
  • Teaching Excellence Award, MBA, 1995


  • Swedish

Administrative Assignments

  • Department Chair — Business Management: Overall, I enjoyed my service as department chair because of the outstanding faculty in my department. I also enjoyed my work and associations on the executive committee. Thank you. — 2002–2009

BYU Citizenship

  • University Academic Review Committee — Committee/Council Member — September 2019–0
  • Undergraduate Curriculum Committee — Committee/Council Member — January 2011–January 2018
  • Marketing Lab Advisory Board — Committee/Council Member — January 2016–0
  • Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) — Committee/Council Member — September 2009–August 2012