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Jeff Wilks

EY Professor,
School of Accountancy
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Jeff is the EY Professor and former director of BYU’s School of Accountancy. He served as an academic fellow at the FASB and a technical consultant to the IASB, where he managed the revenue recognition project, co-authored over 50 research memos, and led board deliberations on these memos. He also co-authored the 2008 FASB/IASB Discussion Paper on Revenue Recognition, which formed the foundation of ASC Topic 606.

Jeff served as a technical advisor to Connor Group, providing GAAP review and SEC reporting guidance to firms preparing for IPO. He has served as a consulting expert for the Securities and Exchange Commission and an expert witness in various high-profile cases. Jeff served as a member of the FASB’s Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council from 2014-2017 and the AICPA’s Revenue Recognition Task Force from 2016-2017. He is a member of Deloitte’s Center for Controllership and currently serves on the audit committees of Beneficial Life Insurance Company and Deseret Management Corporation.

Jeff has published in The Accounting Review; Review of Accounting Studies; Contemporary Accounting Research; Auditing: A Journal of Practice & Theory; Accounting Horizons, and Management Science. He also served as Co-Senior Editor of Accounting Horizons, a journal focused on solving real-world practice problems. Jeff is the founder of RevenueHub®, which has published over 90 articles on ASC Topic 606, Revenue Recognition, and has over 20,000 monthly readers.


  • Ph.D., Accounting, Cornell University, 2000
  • M.S., Accounting, Cornell University, 1999
  • B.S., Accounting, Brigham Young University, 1995

Group Affiliations

  • Financial Executives International — 2018–0
  • National Association of Corporate Directors — 2018–2020

Selected Publications

  • "Relevance of accounting research (ROAR) scores: Ratings of abstracts by accounting professionals", Accounting Horizons, 2022
  • "Do We Matter? Attention the General Public, Policy Makers, and Academics Give to Accounting Research", Issues in Accounting Education, Edition 1, Volume 36, Pages 1-22, 2021
  • "The effects of out-of-regime guidance on auditor judgments about appropriate application of accounting standards", Contemporary Accounting Research, 2017
  • "A Synthesis of Three Commentaries on Measurement and Performance Reporting", Accounting Horizons, Edition 4, Volume 30, American Accounting Association, Saratoga Springs, Florida, 2016
  • "The earnings quality and information processing effects of accounting consistency", The Accounting Review, Edition 6, Volume 90, Pages 2483-2514, American Accounting Association, Sarasota, Florida, Charles M.C. Lee, 2015
  • "Accounting faculty experiences with practice-oriented fellowships", Accounting Horizons, Edition 2, Volume 27, Pages 229-247, American Accounting Association, Saratoga Springs, Florida, Dana Hermanson and Terry Shevlin, 2013
  • "Using Professional Judgment in Auditing: McGladrey’s Framework", McGladrey, 2012
  • "Accounting for lease renewal options: The informational effects of unit of account choices", The Accounting Review, Edition 1, Volume 87, American Accounting Association, Sarasota, Florida, Steve Kachelmeier, 2012
  • "A Perspective on the Joint IASB/FASB Exposure Draft on Accounting for Leases", Accounting Horizons, Edition 4, Volume 25, Pages 861-871, American Accounting Association, Sarasota, Florida, Dana R. Hermanson and Terry Shevlin, 2011
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  • "Why Do Auditors Over-rely on Weak Analytical Procedures? The Role of Outcome and Precision", Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory, Volume 25, American Accounting Association, 2006
  • "Auditing Fair Value Measurements: A Synthesis of Relevant Research", Accounting Horizons, Volume 20, Pages 287-303, American Accounting Association, Saratoga, Florida, 2006
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  • "Predecisional distortion of evidence as a consequence of real-time audit review.", The Accounting Review, Volume 77, Pages 51-71, 2002
  • "Disclosure effects in the laboratory: Liquidity, depth, and the cost of capital", The Accounting Review, Volume 75, Pages 13-41, 2000
  • "Predecisional distortion of information by auditors and salespersons", Management Science, Volume 46, Pages 13-27, 2000



  • Academic Advisor / Technical Consultant, International Accounting Standards Board, 2008–2009
  • Project Manager - Revenue Recognition, Financial Accounting Standards Board, 2006–2008


  • 2017 Marriott School Outstanding Citizenship Award, BYU Marriott School, 2017
  • 2016 Outstanding Educator Award, Utah Assoc. of CPAs (UACPA), 2016
  • EY Professorship, EY, 2013
  • 2011 Marriott School Outstanding Teaching Award, BYU Marriott School, 2011
  • Kristine V. Vest Fellowship, Marriott School, 2003
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, Auditing Section, American Accounting Association, 2002
  • Doctoral Fellowship Award, Deloitte & Touche Foundation, 1998


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