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William and Roceil Low Professor of Business Strategy,
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Paul C. Godfrey currently serves as the William and Roceil Low Professor of Business Strategy in the Marriott School of Management at Brigham Young University. His groundbreaking research has enhanced understanding of the economic benefits to businesses that engage in corporate social responsibility activities. His research has appeared in top academic journals, including the Academy of Management Review, the Strategic Management Journal, and the Journal of Business Ethics. He is the author of two textbooks, two trade books, and has co-edited several academic books.


  • PHD, Strategic Management, University of Washington, 1994
  • MBA, Management, Marketing, University of Washington, 1989
  • Bachelor of Science, Political Science, University of Utah, 1983

Selected Publications

  • "Management, Society, and the Informal Economy", Page 208, Routledge, 2015
  • "Strategic Management: Concepts and Tools for Creating Real World Strategy", John Wiley & Sons, 2015
  • "Africa, the Informal Economy, and the Hermeneutic Circle", Research Methodology in Strategy and Management (RMSM): Volume 9: Advancing Strategic Management in the African Context: Techniques, Methods, and Designs for Research Methodology in Strategy and Management, Volume 10, Pages 133-166, Emerald, Boston, Amsterdam, 2014
  • "The Functions of the Executive at 75: reflections on a management classic", Journal of Management Inquiry, Edition 4, Volume 23, Pages 360-372, Sage, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2014
  • "More than Money: the five types of capital that create wealth and eliminate poverty", Stanford University Press, Palo Alto, CA, 2013
  • "“He’s a real dude:” Tributes to Tom Jones", Business and Society, Edition 2, Volume 51, Pages 310-334, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2012
  • "Strange Bedfellows: Homo Economicus and Positive Organization Scholarship", The Oxford Handbook of Positive Organizational Scholarship, Pages 979-988, Oxford University Press, 2012
  • "The Relationship Between Corporate Social Responsibility and Shareholder Value: An Empirical Test of the Risk Management Hypothesis", Strategic Management Journal, Volume 30, Pages 425-445, Wiley Interscience, 2009
  • "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sport: A critical introduction.", Journal of Sport Management, Volume 23, Pages 698-716, 2009
  • "Researching Corporate Social Responsibility: An Agenda for the 21st Century", Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 70, 2007
  • "A reply to Bright: Virtuousness and the virtues of the market.", Academy of management review, Volume 31, Pages 754-757, Academy of Management, 2006
  • "The relationship between corporate philanthropy and sharehdolder wealth: A risk management perspective", Academy of Management Review, Volume 29, 2005


  • Marriott School Teaching Award, Marriott School of Management, 2013


  • German

BYU Citizenship

  • Global MBA Operating Committee — Committee/Council Chair — July 2020
  • Executive MBA Faculty Advisor — Faculty Advisor — July 2017–July 2019
  • CFS Review Committee — Committee/Council Chair — December 2017
  • Executive MBA Operating Committee — Committee/Council Chair — September 2016–September 2017
  • Strategy Group Leader — Section Head — August 2011
  • Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance — Other — June 2005

Professional Citizenship

  • Academy of Management, Editorial Review Board Member, July 2017


  • Habitat for Humanity of Utah County — March 2013–December 2014
  • Dine, Inc. — September 2006–December 2012
  • Commercial Block Systems — January 2002–December 2002
  • Steiner Corporation — November 1999–December 2000