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Bruce Money

Fred Meyer Professor of Marketing and International Business,
Marketing and Global Supply Chain
Executive Director,
Whitmore Global Business Center
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Bruce Money is the Fred Meyer Professor of Marketing and Executive Director of the Whitmore Global Business Center at BYU. He teaches courses in global management, international marketing, and negotiations in the MBA and Executive MBA programs, earning the Outstanding Teacher Award by both his department and the Marriott School. Before coming to BYU in 2004, he served nine years on the faculty of the University of South Carolina, where he received five MBA teaching awards, including the Smith Award, the business school’s highest teaching honor.

Dr. Money holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of California Irvine, an MBA from the Harvard Business School (with honors), and a BA in English from BYU.

His research interests include international business-to-business marketing, services, and negotiation. He has published over 50 articles and refereed proceedings, including journals such as Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Harvard Business Review. He serves or has served as member of the editorial review boards and reviewer for these and several other journals and conferences. Bruce is also co-author with Cateora, Gilly, and Graham on International Marketing (19th ed., McGraw-Hill), the field’s leading text. He co-chaired the 2003 national American Marketing Association Summer Educator’s Conference.

At BYU, Dr. Money was given the Marriott School’s Outstanding Citizen Award, serving on the operating/admissions committees of the MBA (as Marketing Major faculty chair) and EMBA programs, the Tanner Building Expansion steering committee, and the Marriott School Rank and Status committee. He also served as department chair of Business Management (now Marketing and Global Supply Chain), of over 30 faculty. Bruce has served as coach of first-place teams in international business case analysis competitions and has directed 15 study abroad programs for the Marriott School. He accepted his current assignment as Executive Director of the Global Business Center in 2014.

Prior to his academic career, Dr. Money gained eight years of industry experience in the marketing of financial services, for example, as vice president of The Sakura Bank, Ltd. (now Sumitomo Mitsui) in Los Angeles, partner in a Japanese investment consultancy to William E. Simon, former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and manager of $1 billion in Japanese debt and equity relationships for the Koll Company (now CBRE). He teaches in executive education programs for clients such as Adobe, Bayer, CSX, Nissan (Tokyo headquarters), Pirelli/Prysmian, and Robert Bosch Corporation, and has been a visiting professor at business schools in Austria, Singapore, and Greece.

Bruce and his wife Kimberly are the parents of seven children (including girl-boy twins) and fifteen grandchildren (including girl-boy twins).


  • PhD, Marketing, University of California, Irvine, 1995
  • MBA (Honors), Harvard Business School, 1988
  • BA (Honors), English, Brigham Young University, 1983

Group Affiliations

  • Academy of International Business — 1994–0
  • American Marketing Association — Primary — 1994–0

Selected Publications

  • "International Marketing", Edition 19, McGraw - Hill, New York, NY, 2023
  • "Managing Critical Spare Parts within a Buyer-Supplier Dyad: Buyer Preferences for Ownership and Placement", Journal of Business Logistics, Edition 2, Volume 41, Pages 111-128, 2020
  • "The power of surveys: How they could increase repeat business.", Keller Center Research Reports, Edition 1, Volume 11, Pages 2-7, Baylor University, Waco, TX, Andrea Dixon, 2018
  • "Mere measurement “Plus”: How solicitation of open-ended positive feedback influences customer purchase behavior.", Journal of Marketing Research, Edition 1, Volume 54, Pages 156–170, American Marketing Association, Chicago, IL, 2017
  • "Idea Watch--The Power of Positive Surveying", Harvard Business Review, Edition Jan.-Feb., Volume 95, Pages 22-24, 2017
  • "Modes of Customer Co-production for International Service Offerings", Journal of Service Management, Edition 4, Volume 26, Pages 625-647, Emerald, Nelson Oly Ndubisi and Rajan Nataraajan, 2015
  • "International Negotiations", Wiley International Encyclopedia of Marketing ed. by J. Sheth and N. Malhotra, Volume 1, International Marketing, John Wiley & Sons, 2011
  • "The Influence of Information Search Tendency and Uncertainty Avoidance in Word-of-Mouth in Consumer Service Selection", Proceedings of the Academy of International Business 2010 Meeting, then submit to Journal of Business Research, Academy of International Business, 2010
  • "The Service Hand-off: Effects of Multivendor Service Performance on Customer Satisfaction: An Experimental Study", Journal of Services Marketing, Edition 3, Volume 24, Pages 184-195, Emerald, 2010
  • "Fishing for Compliments and Complaints: The Influence of Solicited Customer Feedback and Company Acknowledgement on Customer Attitudes and Intentions", MSI Reports, Volume 2009, Pages 51-75, Marketing Science Institute, Cambridge, MA, 2009
  • "Harnessing the power of positive feedback.", Insights from MSI., Volume 1, Pages 3-4, Marketing Science Institute., Cambridge, MA, 2009
  • "An Exploratory Test of a Model of Social Networks, National Culture, and International Multilateral Negotiations", Negotiation Journal, Volume 22, Pages 337-356, 2009
  • "Fishing for compliments and complaints: The influence of solicited customer feedback", MSI Reports, Volume 9, Pages 1-14, Marketing Science Institute, 2009
  • "Performance Implications of Distributor Effectiveness, Trust, and Culture in Import Channels of Distribution", Industrial Marketing Management, Volume 37, Pages 46-58, 2008
  • "Customer Satisfaction with the Performance of Multivendor, After-Sales Service Alliances", AMA Summer Educators' Conference, Volume 18, Proceedings of the American Marketing Association, Washington DC, 2007
  • "Ethical Values and Long-Term Orientation", Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 71, Pages 261-274, 2007
  • "A Measure of Long-Term Orientation: Development and Validation", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Volume 34, Pages 456-467, 2006
  • "National Culture and Industrial Buyer-Seller Relationships in the United States and Latin America", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Volume 34, Pages 386-402, 2006
  • "Celebrity Endorsements in Japan and the United States: Is Negative Information All That Harmful?", Journal of Advertising Research, Volume 46, Pages 113-123, 2006
  • "Multidimensional Versus Unidimensional Measures in Assessing National Culture Values: The Hofstede VSM Example", Journal of Business Research, Volume 59, Pages 195-203, 2006
  • "Purchasing Processes and Characteristics of Industrial Service Buyers in the U.S. and Japan", Journal of World Business, Volume 39, Pages 183-198, 2004
  • "Word-of-Mouth Promotion and Switching Behavior in Japanese and American Business-to-Business Service Clients", Journal of Business Research, Volume 57, Pages 297-305, 2004
  • "An Exploration of the Moderating Role of Corporate Culture and Seller Perceptions in Industrial Buyer-Seller Relationships", Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Volume 30, Pages 229-239, 2002
  • "The Response of the New Consumer to Promotion in the Transition Economies of the Former Soviet Bloc", Journal of World Business, Volume 35, Pages 189-205, 2000
  • "Japan: Does Money Motivate?", Harvard Business Review (in abstract), Volume 75, Pages 9-10, 1999
  • "Salesperson Performance, Pay, and Job Satisfaction: Tests of a Model Using Data Collected in the U.S. and Japan", Journal of International Business Studies, Volume 30, Pages 149-172, 1999
  • "Explorations of National Culture and Word-of-Mouth Referral Behavior in the Purchase of Industrial Services in the U.S. and Japan", Journal of Marketing, Volume 62, Pages 76-87, 1998
  • "International Multilateral Negotiations and Social Networks", Journal of International Business Studies, Volume 29, Pages 695-710, 1998
  • "Are U.S. Managers Superstitious About Market Share", Sloan Management Review, Volume 37, Pages 67-77, 1996
  • "SMBs as a Force for Good: Influencing Gender Equality Norms in Emerging Markets"


Academic - Post-Secondary

  • Associate Professor, International Business, University of South Carolina, 2001–2004
  • Assistant Professor, International Business, University of South Carolina, 1995–2001
  • Instructor, Marketing Department, University of California, Irvine, 1994–1995


  • Vice President, Commercial Lending, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), formerly Sakura Bank, Ltd., 1992–1992
  • Partner, The Street Company, 1990–1992
  • Associate, Finance Department, Fujitsu Systems of America, 1987–1992
  • Director of Pacific Rim Equity Relations, The Koll Company (now CB Richard Ellis), 1988–1990
  • Commercial Loan Officer, Mitsui Manufacturers Bank, 1983–1986


  • Values in Action Award, Marriott School, 2023
  • Best Reviewer Award, Academy of International Business, 2021
  • Outstanding Citizenship Award, Marriott School, 2016
  • Highly Commended Article, Journal of Services Marketing, Emerald LiteriNetwork, 2011
  • Fred Meyer Professor, Marriott School, 2010
  • Outstanding Citizenship Award, Business Management Department, Marriott School, 2008
  • Outstanding Faculty Award for Teaching, Marriott School, 2007
  • Best Paper, Global and Cross-Cultural Marketing Track, Summer Educators' Conference, American Marketing Association, 2006
  • First Place, Global Case Competition (BYU Team Faculty Advisor), Ohio State University, 2006
  • Outstanding Teacher Award, Business Management Department, Marriott School, 2006
  • Donald Staheli Fellowship, Marriott School, 2005
  • Outstanding 2nd Year Professor, International MBA program, University of South Carolina, 2004
  • Best Paper, Global Marketing Track, American Marketing Association Summer Educators' Conference, 2003
  • Outstanding 2nd Year Professor, MBA program, University of South Carolina, 2002
  • Outstanding Professor, Professional MBA Program, University of South Carolina, 2001
  • Honorable Mention, Clayton Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Competition, Marketing Science Institute, 1994


  • Japanese

Administrative Assignments

  • Director — Oversee international activities of the Marriott School — 2014–0
  • Department Chair — Manage faculty activities in hiring, rank & status, etc. — 2009–2014

BYU Citizenship

  • Marriott School Rank and Status Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2016–2019
  • BYU Management Society, Las Vegas Chapter — Guest Speaker — January 2017–January 2017
  • EMBA Program Executive Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2011–0
  • International Committee, National Advisory Council fall meeting — Committee/Council Chair — 2010–2010
  • Marriott School Leadership Council — Committee/Council Member — 2009–0
  • MBA Program — Committee/Council Member — 2005–2009
  • Marriott School Signature Strengths Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2007–2008
  • Wake Forest Case MBA Competition Team — Faculty Advisor — 2007–2008
  • Tanner Building Expansion Classroom Committee — Committee/Council Chair — 2005–2008
  • Ohio State Global Case Competition — Faculty Advisor — 2004–2008
  • EMBA Program - Foreign Business Excursions — Other — 2007–0
  • BYU Management Conference — Other — 2006–2006
  • Global Mgt. Center CIBER Advisory Board — Committee/Council Chair — 2006–0
  • Marketing Institute Executive Board — Committee/Council Member — 2005–2006
  • Marriott School Business Study Abroad — Other — 2005–0

Professional Citizenship

  • Journal of International Marketing, Editorial Review Board Member, 2007–0
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, 2005–0
  • Journal of International Management, Editorial Review Board Member, 2004–0
  • Chair American Marketing Association Summer Educators Conference, Conference-Related Role, 2003–0
  • Journal of International Business Studies, Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, August 2007–August 2016
  • Journal of International Business Studies, Editorial Review Board Member, 2007–August 2015
  • Journal of World Business, Editorial Review Board Member, 2001–2006


  • Prysmian Group / Pirelli — 2018–0
  • Merage Foundation for U.S. - Israeli Trade — Training/Education: Executive education seminar on strategic networking — 2005–0
  • University of South Carolina — Training/Education: Executive education classes on negotiation — 2004–0
  • Institute of Supply Management - Utah — Teaching a negotiations class — March 2022–March 2022
  • Maverick, Inc. — Negotiations class — 2020–2020
  • Entrata — 2019–2019
  • AgFirst Credit Bank — 2016–2019
  • National Instruments — 2017–2017
  • Santee Cooper — 2003–2017
  • Adobe Corporation — 2016–2016
  • SONOCO Corporation — 2009–2013
  • Zions Bank — Training/Education: Negotiation course for bank managers. Also wrote report on market for private company trust services — 2007–2013
  • Cambridge University — Training/Education: Negotiation class for APM terminals, client of Cambridge's executive education program. — 2009–2009
  • ALBA (private graduate business school in Greece) — 2003–2008
  • Robert Bosch Corp. — 2003–2004
  • Nissan (Tokyo HQ) — 2001–2004
  • Bayer — 2002–2003
  • CSX — 2000–2001
  • National University of Singapore — 1997–1998