Head shot of Cindy Blair

Cindy Blair

Associate Professor of Global Supply Chain Management,
Marketing and Global Supply Chain

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Selected Publications

  • "The Vignette in a Scenario-Based Role-Playing Experiment", Journal of Supply Chain Management, Edition 3, Volume 47, Pages 9-16, 2011
  • "Towards a Better Understanding of Supply Chain Quality Management Practices", International Journal of Production Research, Edition 8, Volume 49, Pages 2285-2300, 2011
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  • "Information Technology as an Enabler of Supply Chain Collaboration: A Dynamic Capabilities Perspective", Journal of Supply Chain Management, Edition 1, Volume 47, Pages 38-59, 2011
  • "Evaluating Information Technology as a Supply Chain Collaboration Enabler: Insights from the Resource-Based View", Proceedings of the CSCMP Supply Chain Management Educators’ Conference, 2010
  • "On Baldrige Core Values and Commitment to Quality", Quality Management Journal, Edition 3, Volume 17, Pages 21-34, 2010
  • "Benchmarking Trust Signals in Supply Chain Alliances: Moving Toward a Robust Measure of Trust", Benchmarking: An International Journal, Edition 5, Volume 17, Pages 705-727, 2010
  • "Supply Chain Information Sharing: Benchmarking a Proven Path", Benchmarketing: An International Journal, Volume 16, Emerald, Bingley UK, 2009
  • "Supply Chain Information Sharing and Firm Performance: A Longitudinal Study", Proceedings for the 19th Annual North American Research/Teaching Symposium on Purchasing and Supply Management, Tempe, Arizona,, 2008
  • "Vendor-Owned Inventory Management Arrangements in Retail Operations: An Agency Theory Perspective", Journal of Business Logistics, Volume 28, Pages 111-135, 2007
  • "What is the Right Inventory Management Approach for Purchased Items?", International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Volume 26, Pages 50-68, 2006


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