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Mark Widmer

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Group Affiliations

  • Academy of Management — 2016–0

Selected Publications

  • "Effects of an eight-week wilderness adventure program on body composition and mental health of adolescents", Journal of Experiential Education, Edition 2, Volume 46, Sage, Thousand Oaks, California, 2022
  • "Leisure, eudaimonic behavior, physical activity and well-being of older adults", Journal of Leisure Research, Taylor Francis, Oxfordshire, 2022
  • "Work–Leisure Blending: An Integrative Conceptual Review and Framework to Guide Future Research", Journal of Applied Psychology, Page 21, American Psychological Association, 2021
  • "Building Wilderness Therapy Programs Through Evaluation and Targeted Improvement: Using Dephi, IPA, and DMAIC Methods", Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, Bethesesda, MD/NATSAP, 2020
  • "From ordinary to extraordinary: A framework of experience types", Journal of Leisure Research, Edition 3-5, Volume 49, Pages 196-216, 2018
  • "Leisure at work and employee flourishing", Journal of Leisure Research, Edition 3-5, Volume 49, Pages 311-332, 2018
  • "Why people play at work: A theoretical examination of leisure-at-work", Leisure Sciences, Edition 6, Volume 40, Pages 634-648, 2018
  • "Issues and adventures in evaluation and outcome research", Professional issues in therapeutic recreation: On competence and outcomes, Pages pp. 529–542, Sagamore, N. Stumbo, B. Wolfe, & S. Pegg, 2017
  • "Family Therapy in Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare: Current Practices and Future Possibilities", Journal of Contemporary Family Therapy, Page 11, Springer, 2016
  • "Fortifying leisure: Adolescent perspectives of family leisure in Uganda", Journal of Adolescent Research, Edition 6, Volume 30, Pages 729-750, SAGE, 2015
  • "Adventures in identity development: The impact of a two-week adventure program on adolescent identity development", Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, Edition 4, Volume 9, Pages 341-359, 2009


  • Teaching Excellence, Overall Contribution, Marriott School of Business, 2020
  • Outstanding Alumni, Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism, University of Utah, 2016
  • Annual Faculty Research Award, College of Health and Human Performance, 1999

Certificates and Licenses

  • Therapeutic Recreation Specialist — State of Utah — 1989
  • Wilderness First Responder — Wilderness Medicine Institute — 2005
  • Level I Ski Instructor — PSIA — 2004

BYU Citizenship

  • Rank and Status Committee, Marriott School of Business — Committee/Council Member — May 2020–August 2022
  • Associate Department Chair — Other — July 2021–0
  • MSB Behavioral Health Committee — Committee/Council Member — September 2019–0
  • Graduate Coordinator — Graduate Coordinator — August 2015–0

Professional Citizenship

  • Therapeutic Recreation Journal, Editorial Review Board Member, January 1996–December 2011
  • JLR, Editorial Review Board Member, January 2006–December 2010