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Lisa Jones

Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources,
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  • Ph.D., Organizational Behavior, Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, 2007
  • M.A., International Development, Brigham Young University, 2001
  • MBA, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University, 2001
  • B.A., Organizational Behavior, University of California, Berkeley, 1991

Selected Publications

  • "Inducing Corporate Social Responsibility: Should Investors Reward the Responsible or Punish the Irresponsible?", Edition 1 (6), Volume 175, Journal of Business Ethics, 2022
  • "Doing it Right, But Getting it Wrong: Best Practices for Refugee-Focused Incubators", Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Edition 3, Volume 26, World Scientific, 2021
  • "A Demand-Side Perspective on Value Creation for the BoP: A Study of Consumption and Well-Being", Academy of Management Proceedings, Edition 1, Volume 2020, Page 11401, 2020
  • "Barriers to Imitation in Strategic CSR: Organizational Authenticity and the Resource-Based View", Academy of Management Proceedings, Edition 1, Volume 2020, Page 21329, 2020
  • "Separate but not equal: Toward a nomological net for migrants and migrant entrepreneurship", Edition 1, Volume 3, Pages 1--22, Journal of International Business Policy, 2020
  • "When the Truth Hurts: Performance Perception Inaccuracy and Organizational Learning", Academy of Management Proceedings, Edition 1, Volume 2020, Page 18007, 2020
  • "Lost Person Behavior as an Antecedent to Resilience", Handbook of Organizational Resilience, Volume TBA, Pages 213-241, Edward Elgar, Edward Powley & B. Caza & A. Caza, 2020
  • "Subsistence marketplaces: Challenges and opportunities", 2019
  • "The Truth Will Set You Free: Performance Perception Accuracy and Organizational Learning", Academy of Management Proceedings, Edition 1, Volume 2019, Page 15902, 2019
  • "Financing microfranchise start-up and growth", Microfranchising, Pages 69--92, Routledge, 2017
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  • "Motivating CSR: A Comparison of How Carrots Versus Sticks Trigger Managerial Action", Academy of Management Proceedings, Edition 1, Volume 2016, Page 17867, 2016
  • "Taking responsibility for corporate responsibility: The role of leaders in creating, implementing, sustaining, or avoiding socially responsible firm behaviors", Academy of Management Perspectives, Edition 3, Volume 28, Pages 224-234, 2015
  • "Lost (but not missing) at work: Organizational lostness as an employee response to change", Journal of Management Inquiry, Edition 2, Volume 36, Pages 405-418, 2015
  • "Consumer behavior change at the Base of the Pyramid: Bridging the gap between for-profit and social responsibility strategies", Strategic Management Journal, Edition 2, Volume 36, Pages 307-327, 2015
  • "Overcoming institutional challenges in microfranchising", Social Franchising, Pages 33--47, Palgrave Pivot, London, 2014
  • "Navigating change in the company of (dissimilar) others: Co-developing relational capabilities with microcredit clients", Pages 401--429, Using a positive lens to explore social change and organizations: Building a theoretical and research foundation, 2012
  • "Entrepreneurial value creation through green microfinance: Evidence from Asian microfinance lending criteria", Asian Business and Management, Edition 3, Volume 10, Pages 331-356, 2011
  • "Firm size really does matter: An empirical investigation of organizational size and ownership on sustainability-related behaviors", Business and Society, Volume 50, Pages 1-35, 2011
  • "Getting out of the gate and beyond: Financing microfranchise start-up and growth.", 2011
  • "A good business for poor people", Stanford Social Innovation Review, Edition Summer, Pages 43-49, 2010
  • "Building entrepreneurship in subsistence markets: Microfranchising as an employment incubator", Journal of Business Research, Edition 6, Volume 63, Pages 595-601, 2010
  • "Innovations in health microinsurance", Protecting the Poor: A Microinsurance Compendium, Volume 11, ILO Geneva, Geneva, 2010
  • "Alleviating poverty using microfranchising models: Case studies and critiques.", 2008
  • "Entrepreneur as change agent: Antecedents and moderators of individual-level philanthropic behavior", 2008
  • "Entrepreneur as change agent: Antecedents and moderators of individual-level philanthropic behavior", Frontiers of entrepreneurship research, 2008
  • "An analysis of ethics, CSR, and sustainability education in the Financial Times Top 40 business schools: Baseline data and future research directions", Journal of Business Ethics, Volume 73, Pages 347-368, 2007
  • "Leadership, collective personality, and performance", Journal of Applied Psychology, Volume 90, Pages 509-522, 2005
  • "Some foundational and guiding questions for multilevel construct validation", Volume 3, Pages 305--317, Multi-level issues in organizational behavior and processes, 2005
  • "Multi-level issues in organizational behavior and processes", Elsevier, 2004
  • "Peering Inside the Black Box: Exploring the Temporality of the Problemistic Solution Search Process (under review at AMJ)", Academy of Management Journal
  • "The Truth Will Set You Free: Performance Perception Inaccuracy and Organizational Learning"


  • Emmeline B. Wells Grant Recipient, Office of the Associate Academic Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, 2021
  • Research Collaboration Award, Marriott School of Management- Department of Management, 2021
  • Innovations in Teaching Award, Marriott School-Management Department, 2020
  • MEG Grant, ORCA, 2018
  • Breaking the Frame Award, Journal of Management Inquiry, 2015
  • Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award, Entrepreneurship Division and McGraw-Hill, 2014
  • Oikos Social Entrepreneurship Case Writing Contest, 2009
  • Oikos Sustainability Case Competition; 2nd place prize for case study entitled: Procter and Gamble, the Hunt for a Sustainable Business Model, 2008
  • Undergraduate Teaching Award, UNC Chapel Hill, 2008
  • Winner of National Federation of Independent Business Award for Excellence in Research on the General Topic of Entrepreneurship, 2008
  • Best Student Paper Award, Organizational Development and Change Division, Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, 2006
  • Beta Gamma Sigma, Marriott School, BYU, 2001
  • Eccles International Scholarship Recipient, BYU, 2000
  • Marriott Scholarship, BYU, 2000


  • Spanish

BYU Citizenship

  • International Hub (iHub) Course — 2019–2021
  • Faculty Search Committee — Committee/Council Member — May 2020–December 2020
  • Speaker for Strategy Major Recruiting Events — Guest Speaker — March 2018–2020
  • Ballard Center Board of Advisors — Committee/Council Member — 2018–2020
  • Global Innovation Group — Committee/Council Chair — January 2017–2020
  • Host for Women in Business Semi-Annual Dinner & Events — 2019–2019
  • AOM Networking and Recruiting Support — Other — August 2017–August 2019
  • Pre-PhD Track and Speaker Series — Guest Speaker — 2018
  • Annual HR Conference — Conference-related Role — January 2018–August 2018

Professional Citizenship

  • Everyday Entrepreneur Podcast, Officer, 2020–December 2020
  • Informal Economy Summit- Co-founder and Co-sponsor, Conference-Related Role, 2020–December 2020
  • Circles Utah, Member, 2018–2020
  • Strategic Management Journal, Reviewer, Ad Hoc Reviewer, 2011–2020
  • Journal of Public Policy and Management, Editor, Associate Editor, June 2016–December 2018
  • Sixth Annual Conference on Subsistence Marketplaces, Conference-Related Role, 2015–2016


  • PriceWaterhouseCooper and DFID and RB Pakistan — January 2019–June 2019