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Benjamin Galvin

Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources,

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Business Administration, W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, 2010
  • Master of Business Administration, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University, 2003
  • Bachelor of Science, American Studies, Brigham Young University, 2000

Group Affiliations

  • Academy of Management — 2005–0

Selected Publications

  • "Job Crafting to Ensure a Balance Between Focus and Connection.", Applied Psychology, Edition 73, Pages 296-322, 2024
  • "Leadership emergence: An integrative review", Journal of Applied Psychology, Edition 11, Volume 107, Pages 2069–2100, 2022
  • "Increasing career advancement opportunities through sponsorship: An identity-based model with illustrative application to cross-race mentorship of African-Americans.", Group and Organizational Management, 2021
  • "Motivation to Lead: A Meta-Analysis and Distal-Proximal Model of Motivation and Leadership.", Journal of Applied Psychology, Volume 105, Pages 331-354, 2020
  • "Putting identification in motion: A dynamic view of organizational identification", Organizational Science, Edition 1, Volume 31, Pages 200-222, 2020
  • "An exploration of the moderating role of situational strength on the relationship between organizational identification and job outcomes.", Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 2019
  • "Changing the focus of locus (of control): A targeted review of the locus of control literature and agenda for future research", Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2018
  • "Inclusive leadership: Realizing positive outcomes through belongingness and being valued for uniqueness.", Human Resource Management Review, 2018
  • "Keeping the baby while refreshing the bathwater: Revisiting the role of singular leadership.", Leadership Now: Remembering the Legacy of Boas Shamir, 2018
  • "Larger than life: Narcissistic organizational identification in leadership", Organizational Dynamics, 2018
  • "Followers don’t see their leaders as real people.", Harvard Business Review, 2017
  • "Make sure your employees have good things to say about you behind your back", Harvard Business Review, 2016
  • "Narcissistic organizational identification: Seeing oneself as central to the organization’s identity", Academy of Management Review, Edition 2, Volume 40, Pages 163-181, 2015
  • "The development of motivation to lead and leader role identity.", Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, 2013
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  • "Spreading the word: The role of surrogates in charismatic leadership processes", Academy of Management Review, Volume 35, Pages 477-494, 2010
  • "Visionary communication qualities as mediators of the relationship between narcissism and attributions of leader charisma", Personnel Psychology, Volume 63, Pages 509-537, 2010
  • "Alternative perspectives of responsible leadership", Organizational Dynamics, 2008
  • "Developing holistic leaders: Four domains for leadership development and practice", Human Resource Management Review, 2007
  • "Leadership development and strategic HR at a crossroads.", Human Resource Management: Contemporary Issues, Challenges, and Opportunities, 2007
  • "When group identities matter: Bias in performance appraisal.", Academy of Management Annals, 2007
  • "Leadership and organizational learning: A multiple levels perspective", The Leadership Quarterly, 2006


  • Marriott School of Business Excellence in Leadership- 2023 Impact Award, Marriott School of Business, 2023
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Induction, Phi Kappa Phi, 2022
  • Academy of Management Best Paper Award- MOC Division, Academy of Management, 2022
  • Management Department Research recognition Award, Management Department, 2021
  • Robert A. and Wendy Whitman Fellow, Marriott School of Business, 2018
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management, 2017
  • Academy of Management Annual Meeting Outstanding Reviewer, Academy of Management, 2016

BYU Citizenship

  • Leadership Forum Executive Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2023–0
  • BYU Sorenson Center Leadership Model Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2022–2023
  • HRM Curriculum Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2022–0
  • Management Major Admissions Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2022–0
  • Department of Management Executive Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2021–0
  • Leadership Minor Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2021–0
  • Associate Department Chair/ OBHR Group Leader — Other — 2020–0
  • Expectations Document Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2018–2020
  • HRM Undergraduate Major — Director — 2018–2020
  • Marriott School Curriculum Committee — Committee/Council Member — 2018–2020
  • SHRM Student Club — Faculty Advisor — 2018–2020

Professional Citizenship

  • Academy of Management Collections, Editor, Associate Editor, 2020–0
  • Academy of Management Review, Editorial Review Board Member, 2020–0
  • Journal of Organizational Behavior, Editorial Review Board Member, 2020–0
  • Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Leadership Dissertation Award, Committee/Council Member, 2017–2017
  • Academy of Management Review, Editorial Review Board Member, 2015–2017