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Ryan Schuetzler

Associate Professor,
Information Systems
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Website: http://www.schuetzler.net

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Selected Publications

  • "A Chatbot Tutor Can Lessen the Gender Confidence Gap in Information Systems Learning", HICSS-55, 2022
  • "Design of a Chatbot Social Engineering Victim", Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2022
  • "Deciding Whether and How to Deploy Chatbots", MIS Quarterly Executive, 2021
  • "The Effect of Help Seeking on Creative Self-Efficacy of IS Students", AMCIS 2021, 2021
  • "Innovative accounting interviewing: A comparison of real and virtual accounting interviewers", The Accounting Review, Edition 6, Volume 95, Pages 339-366, 2020
  • "Usability and Cognitive Load in the Design of a Personal Health Record", Health Policy and Technology, Edition 2, Volume 9, Pages 218-224, 2020
  • "The impact of chatbot conversational skill on engagement and perceived humanness", Journal of Management Information Systems, Edition 3, Volume 37, 2020
  • "The effect of conversational agent skill on user behavior during deception", Computers in Human Behavior, Volume 97, Pages 250-259, 2019
  • "The influence of conversational agent embodiment and conversational relevance on socially desirable responding", Decision Support Systems, Edition October, Volume 114, Pages 94-102, 2018
  • "Mental models and expectation violations in conversational AI interactions", Decision Support Systems


Academic - Post-Secondary

  • Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska at Omaha, 2015–2020


  • Spanish