Engage with YPAC

For students, faculty/staff, and NAC members who are looking to engage with the Young Professional Leaders (YPL) of YPAC, please follow these guidelines to make each engagement opportunity a positive and uplifting experience. Please direct any questions, concerns, or comments to ypac@byu.edu.

Student Engagement

Students wanting to engage with a YPL for networking, micromentoring, mock interviews, or résumé reviews, or to invite a YPL to present should follow these three steps:

  1. Connect with the discipline-appropriate Business Career Center (BCC) career advisor and identify the YPL you’re interested in engaging with; include why and what type of engagement you’re requesting. The BCC will work with the YPL and you to set up the appropriate type of engagement, if available.
  2. Accept the following YPAC engagement standards:
    • Do not assume that a YPL will provide you with a job or serve as a reference for you. If such a benefit occurs, it will occur based on the YPL’s preference.
    • Once the YPL contact has been assigned by your BCC career advisor, be proactive and take ownership in coordinating the engagement opportunity with the YPL, making sure to follow up and respond respectfully.
    • Review the YPAC Charter to become familiar with the principles YPLs follow as they engage.
  3. Share a summary of your experience working the YPAC with the YPAC administrators at ypac@byu.edu.

Faculty/Staff Engagement

BCC career advisors will connect faculty and staff with a YPL for engagement opportunities. If you don’t have a BCC director with whom you normally coordinate, you can contact the YPAC administrators at ypac@byu.edu.

NAC Engagement

After an initial introduction to the YPL(s) with whom you will be connecting, the following should occur:

  1. Your YPL will reach out to set up a micromentoring opportunity at your convenience.
  2. Review and become familiar with the YPAC Charter to better assist your YPL.