ROTC is program that prepares you to commission as an officer in the United States Air Force while you obtain your undergraduate degree. Learn more by visiting the Air Force ROTC site. ROTC is an abbreviation for Reserve Officer Training Corps.

One of the main benefits of the Air Force ROTC program is your ability to have a “normal” college experience while gradually learning about and transitioning into a career in the military. Additionally, being a part of an Air Force ROTC Detachment means that you will have a built-in network of people dedicated to helping you succeed. Detachment 855 exemplifies the unique camaraderie that can be found in military units. Our experienced cadets are happy to help new cadets find classes on campus, learn to wear the uniform correctly, learn basic customs and courtesies, meet fellow cadets, and fit into the program. Your Air Force ROTC instructors are a consistent resource for any professional questions you have. Respect and integrity are tenets of Air Force ROTC—hazing is NOT permitted!

As a cadet, you will wear your Air Force uniform during the duty day (0730-1630) once a week and to your Air Force ROTC courses. Outside of these requirements, you are allowed to wear your regular civilian clothing.

All cadets must meet Air Force height and weight standards and pass the Air Force Physical Fitness Test, which includes push-ups, sit-ups, and a 1.5-mile run. For information on the scoring for the fitness test, please see the Air Force Fitness Program

As long as you are a student at BYU or UVU, you are welcome to take any of our academic Aerospace Studies courses as a special student. As a non-ROTC student you will attend an Aerospace Studies course, but not Leadership Lab or Physical Training. This is a great way to learn about Air Force culture and history if you find it interesting or want to a pursue a career where you will work closely with the military (such as an engineer for a defense contracting company). Additionally, this is an option available to students who are interested in becoming a cadet, but are waiting for their citizenship status to change in order to meet eligibility requirements. Please check out the Courses webpage to learn more about the courses we offer.