Honor Guard

*This is a volunteer club held on Tuesdays and Thursdays following PT from 0700-0830. 

Color Guard 

The Color Guard is designed to help achieve the Core Values of Service before Self and Excellence in All We Do. Color Guard will teach proper display of the American Flag and will give practical experience with military customs and courtesies, as well as flag ceremonies.  


  • 100% completion of color guard details 
  • Know proper flag ceremony procedures 
  • Know and demonstrate proper protocol for display of the flag 
  • Know and demonstrate military customs and courtesies, uniform wear, and military bearing 
  • Know and demonstrate competence of basic marching commands, and effectively command a detail or flight through a drill sequence 

Drill Team 

Drill team is designed to instruct cadets in all aspects of drill and ceremonies (especially with rifles), customs and courtesies, and military professionalism, and then allow the cadets to perfect the skills learned by continuous practice. This also provides a rigorous training environment for cadets who are preparing for field training. 


Demonstrate proficiency in the following: 

  • Standard unarmed drill (marching) 
  • M-1 Garand rifle manual and advanced manual movements 
  • Commanding a formation 
  • Inspection procedures and expectations 
  • Uniform wear and customs and courtesies 
  • Warrior Knowledge