Leadership Lab (LLAB)

LLAB is a weekly immersion into real-world scenarios, team-building activities, and physical training designed to develop the critical decision-making and adaptability needed for leadership. Cadets engage in field exercises and professional development and gain practical insights into military customs. LLAB goes beyond the classroom, preparing cadets for the challenges of military service and creating environments where leadership skills may be applied in various contexts. 


  • Provide cadets an informative, motivational, and enjoyable program designed to familiarize them with the Air Force way-of-life while fostering followership, teamwork, and esprit de corps 
  • Provide cadets with the mental and physical skills needed to succeed in the AFROTC field training environment 
  • Enable intermediate leaders to begin to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills required in order to function as an active duty lieutenant 
  • Produce sufficient opportunities for senior cadet leaders to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully function as an active duty lieutenant and to adequately prepare them to transition from the AFROTC environment to active duty