Our Program

A circular logo that says Air Force ROTC Detachment 855 around the outside with a middle image of the Y mountain with the Air Force sumbol and jets above the mountains.

Detachment 855 Overview

“Through a legacy of valor, we transform cadets of character into leaders with honor.

Detachment 855 instructs, trains, and mentors the Air Force and Space force Cadets of Brigham Young University (BYU) and Utah Valley University (UVU).

Det 855 is the 11th Largest Detachment in the Nation and have been commissioning officers in the United States Air Force for 70 years!

After graduating, cadets are commissioned as active duty officers. Our program is demanding, but our country (and the world’s greatest Air Force) deserve nothing less!

Detachment 855 Mission

Develop and produce principled Air Force and Space Force leaders…motivated, committed, and ready to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

Air Force Core Values

Integrity First

Integrity is essential. It’s the inner voice, the source of self-control, the basis for the trust that is imperative in today’s military. Doing the right thing when nobody’s looking.

Service Before Self

Military service is not just another job. It’s an uncommon profession that calls for people of uncommon dedication. A leader unwilling to sacrifice individual goals for the good of the unit cannot convince other members to do so.

Excellence in All We Do

Our mission often involves the risk of human life and sometimes national survival. The obligation to excel is a moral obligation for members of a professional military force.