Romney Institute Alumni Board

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Roy Barraclough, MPA 1969 – Retired: Project Manager, Moab Regional Medical Center
Peni Basalusalu, MPA 2003 – Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Manteca, California
Jay Baughman, MPA 2006 – Municipal Financial Advisor, Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc.
Andrea Bean, MPA 2010 – Contracting Officer, United States Air Force
Andy Bean, MPA 2009 – Labor and Employee Relations Specialist, U.S. Social Security Administration (SSA)
Carrie Bennett, EMPA 2017 – Program Manager, Utah County Government
Mick Berry, MPA 1990 – Development Manager, Economic Development Corporation Catawba County
Mike Brousseau, EMPA 2023 – Academic Outreach Consultant, Brigham Young University
Barbara Brower, MPA 1986 – Retired: Budget Manager, City of Brea, California
Jill Burton, EMPA 2016 – Director of Policy Planning and Public Affairs, Department of Environmental Quality, State of Utah