Running with Numbers

PROVO, Utah – Nov 20, 2017 – When senior MAcc student Josey Hedquist tells her classmates she’s been running around like crazy all day, she’s actually being quite literal.

While fundamentals of taxation and financial statement auditing give her intellect exercise, Hedquist also tacks on a hectic physical workout schedule as part of the Brigham Young University women’s cross country and track teams. But despite a schedule that keeps her moving from dawn to dusk, Hedquist says her dual responsibilities strengthen each other.

“If I didn’t do sports, my life might have been more stressful even though I had more time,” Hedquist says. “I have an outlet where I can work out hard and stay focused.”

Of course, excelling as an accounting student-athlete also requires skills in amateur juggling. Hedquist has often found herself leaving for a meet on Tuesday and returning late Sunday—only to have a midterm waiting for her Monday morning.

“I might have had a little better grades if I didn’t compete or I might have a little faster times if I wasn’t in accounting, but balance is important, and I’m glad I’ve done both,” she says.

At times, assignments come from both sides at once. Last year, junior core orientation fell at the same time as a pivotal track workout, so Hedquist received special permission from her coaches to do the workout by herself. Other times, professors have helped with rescheduling presentations.

“My coaches understand that we’re in school for academic reasons,” Hedquist explains. “Plus all the professors are the nicest people in the world. Obviously you can’t drop assignments, but both sides help when they can, and I’ve just had to be efficient with my time.”

This past July, Hedquist was named to the West Coast Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll with Silver Honors, given to student-athlete letterwinners who earn a minimum 3.50 GPA. After competing another year and finishing her last academic requirements, Hedquist is slated to graduate in April 2019.

“Being in the accounting program has been positive and super rewarding,” Hedquist says. “Even though these past years have been some of the most challenging of my life, I know that the hard work I have put in will prepare me to be successful in my future career as a CPA. I feel blessed that I have had the support to help me do both of the things I love.”

Josey Hedquist headshot
MAcc student Josey Hedquist is also a member of the BYU cross country and track and teams.

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Writer: Jordan Christiansen