At a Glance

Experience Growth

What is Experience Design and Management?

Experience Design and Management (ExDM) students specialize in the design, delivery, evaluation, and management of experience journeys.  Our versatile graduates employ interdisciplinary design principles, management science, and positive psychology to deliver impactful experiences across diverse contexts including business, hospitality, tourism, and special events. ExDM majors design and manage customer journeys, employee engagement programs, events, and recreation experiences. Our graduates help individuals and organizations experience growth.

Department Vision

We strive to attract and educate exceptional students who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and organizations. As a faculty our greatest desire is to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to design, deliver, and manage meaningful experiences that engage, heal, build relationships, create joy, and provide opportunities to foster growth. We believe it is our responsibility to help students prepare for and obtain high quality career opportunities. Additionally, our faculty is vibrant and respected. We seek opportunities to contribute to our related academic and professional fields through the production of high quality scholarly and outreach activities. Subsequently, we are consistently recognized as a top program in the country for scholarly productivity.

Mission Statement

We facilitate well-being and growth for individuals, families, and organizations by producing and sharing knowledge that inspires and prepares students to design, deliver, and manage meaningful experiences.

Core Values

  • We value the role meaningful experiences and wholesome recreation play in the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.
  • We care about our students and respect their human potential.
  • We are committed to the professional preparation of our students.
  • We value dynamic and experiential learning environments.
  • We strive to make meaningful contributions to both recreation and experience-oriented research and practice.
  • We continue to be committed to the development of the total individual and their quality of life, including intellectual, spiritual, service, and character domains.