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Experience Growth

What is Experience Design and Management?

The Department of Experience Design and Management (ExDM) positions itself at the academic forefront of the wave of economic and social interest in experiences. As organizations increasingly recognize the importance of focusing on the experiences they provide to customers, employees, and other stakeholders, they are looking to hire individuals who understand how to intentionally design, stage, and manage experiences that meet human needs. ExDM prepares it graduates to capitalize on these opportunities. Faculty in the ExDM Department are leaders in the development of scholarly empirical research and theory building to inform the practice of experience design and management.

Experience design is the process of intentionally designing interactions between participants and providers that generate valued outcomes. Experience management involves systematically staging and measuring experiences to promote data-driven continuous improvements.

The ExDM curriculum integrates competencies and theories from the scientific study of human experiences, human-centered design, social research methodologies, and business management. ExDM students learn how to intentionally design, stage, and manage human experiences across a wide variety of contexts.

Department Vision

We aim to increase human thriving in the world through intentionally designed experiences.

Mission Statement

We help students become exceptional experience designers who strive to empathetically and intentionally design experiences to promote individual and organizational thriving.

Core Values

  • Faith in Christ – Our faith in Jesus Christ and our desire to follow Him guide our personal and professional actions.
  • Curiosity – We value curiosity towards others and the world around us and believe a curious approach to life promotes empathy and belonging.
  • Creativity – We believe the ability to innovatively develop ideas and solutions requires genuine curiosity and engagement in intentional creative processes.
  • Community – Shared experiences driven by genuine curiosity about others create communities of belonging that serve as collaborative catalysts to promote human thriving.
  • Intentionality – Positive change results from the intentional application of Christlike discipleship, curiosity, and creativity to build communities of belonging and thriving.