The experience design and management major consists of 64 credit hours in addition to general university core classes. The program prepares students for a variety of career paths with an emphasis on the intentional design, delivery, and management of experiences. Core content and competencies includes but is not limited to positive psychology, design thinking, experience design, diversity and inclusion, project management, experiential marketing, and quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis.

After completing pre-management courses and gaining acceptance into the program, students must complete the ExDM junior core which provides them with exposure to business functions and management skills. For more information about the sequencing of major classes refer to the major flowchart. All ExDM students also complete a 400-hour internship before graduation.

In addition to active engagement in classes, students are encouraged to participate in clubs and be proactive in their networking efforts. By fully immersing themselves in the program, students will have the optimal BYU Marriott experience.