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W. Gibb Dyer (Ph.D MIT) is the O. Leslie and Dorothy Stone Professor of Entrepreneurship and the Academic Director of the Ballard Center for Social Impact. He has also been a visiting professor at IESE in Barcelona, Spain and a visiting scholar at the University of Bath in the U. K. Dr. Dyer is a recognized authority on team building, family business and entrepreneurship and has been quoted in publications such as Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and Fast Company. In 2007 he was given the faculty teaching award from Brigham Young University’s division of continuing education, and in 2008 was given the outstanding faculty award from the Marriott School at BYU. He has been cited as one of the top 10 researchers in the world in the field of family business. His books on teams, family business and entrepreneurship have been translated into Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.

Group Affiliations

  • Academy of Management — 1984

Selected Publications

  • "Beyond Team Building", Page 200, Wiley, New York, 2020
  • "The Family Edge", Edition 1, Familius, Sanger, CA, 2019
  • "Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Disentangling Heterogeneity to Advance Family Business Research", Family Business Review, Edition 2, Volume 30, Pages 111-118, Sage, Thousand Oaks, California, Tyge Payne, 2017
  • "Can the Poor be Trained to be Entrepreneurs? The Case of the Academy for Creating Enterprise in Mexico.", Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, Edition 2, Volume 21, World Scientific, Singapore, 2016
  • "A stakeholder identity orientation approach to corporate social performance in family firms", Journal of Business Ethics, 2011
  • "Examining the "Family Effect" on Firm Performance", Family Business Review, Volume 19, Pages 253-273, 2006
  • "The Family: The Missing Variable in Organzational Research", Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, Volume 27, Pages 401-416, 2003
  • "Toward a Theory of Entrepreneurial Careers", Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 1994
  • "The Entrepreneurial Experience: Confronting Career Dilemmas of the Start-up Executive", 1992
  • "Cultural Change in Family Firms: Anticipating and Managing Business and Family Transitions", 1986


  • Japanese

Administrative Assignments

  • Department Chair — 1993–1996

BYU Citizenship

  • Academic Review Committee — Committee/Council Member — September 2017
  • Graduate Council — Committee/Council Member — September 2017
  • Curriculum Committee — Committee/Council Member — June 2015
  • Undergraduate Program OBHR — Program Chair/Coordinator — June 2015