Find Tech-Savvy Students

Finding a “hacker” (web or mobile developer, graphic designer, coder, etc.) for your project—anything from a CTO/partner for your new business venture to a person willing to help with a charity website—is challenging. Here are some tips for finding someone in the BYU community.

For Students Seeking Students

  1. If you are looking for a cofounder or someone to add to your team, be sure to attend one of our Creators Idea Jam Sessions.
  2. Network. Network. Network. Attend or consider joining the following clubs/groups:
  3. If you’re looking for an app developer, consider checking out the App Competition. Coming to the kickoff and other supporting events of this competition is a great way to network with coders.
  4. Put your best foot forward by checking out this slide deck titled You’re Looking for a Technical Co-Founder from Alexey Komissarouk which was presented to the Wharton MBA Entrepreneurship Club and later found its way onto TechCrunch.

For Non-Students Seeking Students

  1. If the opportunity could be completed via an internship, consider the following options:
    • Contact David Hollan at 801-422-8928 or to see if the opportunity might be a good fit for an on-campus internship.
  2. Post the opportunity to an online job/internship board:
  3. Contact the placement/recruiting representatives for these disciplines: