With perennial top-ten grad and undergrad programs, the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology creates a supportive, nurturing environment for all Brigham Young University students interested in starting and growing businesses.

We inspire confidence, courage, and the will to take the entrepreneurial first step. We create an environment that unleashes creativity, cultivates vision and innovation, and teaches the governing principles that are the foundation of every successful enterprise. We provide mentors who guide students as they navigate these new waters. We establish courses, lecture series, competitions, conferences, workshops, and other activities that nourish and sustain the entrepreneurial spirit in students. The ultimate test of whether we’re doing a great job is measured by the number of long-term successful ventures that come from students within our sphere of influence. Intermediate measures include such metrics as the number of students who hold equity in a start-up by the time they graduate, and—more immediately—the number of students participating in the learning and practice opportunities we offer. 

Rollins Center Values

Outcomes and Success Metrics

We want students to:Success is measured by:
Learn about leadership, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurshipThe number of learning experiences in which students participate (courses, lectures, conferences, mentoring)
Practice leadership, innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship skillsThe number of students participating in practice experiences (competitions, events, internships, workshops)
Establish actual ventures, especially tech-oriented and scalable venturesThe number of students who hold equity in a tech or scalable start-up by graduation

Strategic Imperatives

  • Integrate principles that build faith and character into our program
  • Develop the infrastructure necessary to build innovative and scalable ventures
  • Provide a complete suite of startup services to support all types of ventures
  • Train students in the principles of innovation and intrapreneurship in addition to entrepreneurship
  • Build entrepreneurial communities within every college and department on campus
  • Support a women’s entrepreneurship movement that inspires more women to engage in our program
  • Create a consistent, successful brand that is attractive to all our stakeholders
  • Connect with and engage the entrepreneurial community in order to bless more lives
  • Build the largest and most engaged donor organization in the world

Distinctive Competencies

  • Innovative, bright, tech-minded, and ethical students who have great student role models in entrepreneurship and technology based on strong traditions
  • World-class founders who comprise a large community of committed, supportive, experienced, successful, and willing entrepreneurs with an affinity for BYU and who love to give back
  • Entrepreneurial and tech-savvy faculty who understand theory, research, and managerial practice
  • Surrounding tech environment in Utah County is a nationally recognized hotbed for entrepreneurship in general and tech startups in particular
  • Ethical entrepreneurial leadership from our founders and faculty who prize innovation, creativity, and strong ethical leadership
  • Global experience, most of our students/faculty/founders have lived abroad and are fluent in various foreign languages and cultures