Student Code of Conduct

  1. Select a mentor that best suits you and your business idea.
    1. Create a profile on the mentoring platform PeopleGrove
    2. Click “Join Our Community” and create a profile.
    3. Apply filters and search criteria to find mentors in our network of successful entrepreneurs.
    4. Select an appropriate mentor.
    5. Click “Let’s Connect” and start connecting with your future mentor.
  2. Be professional and build a great mentoring relationship with your mentor.
    1. Learn more about creating great mentoring experiences.
    2. Show respect for the mentor’s time.
    3. Make appointments as far in advance as possible and be on time for the appointment.
    4. We recommend using the PeopleGrove mentoring platform to communicate and book appointments with mentors.
    5. Never miss an appointment.
    6. Be on time.
    7. Be prepared.
      • Perform as much research as possible in advance of your mentoring session to avoid asking questions that could be answered by a simple internet search.
    8. Communicate clearly and succinctly.
    9. Dress in appropriate attire.
    10. Remember to express appreciation to the mentor with a thank you note or email.
  3. Recognize that a mentor, at his or her discretion, may be willing to introduce you to potential funding opportunities. Do not solicit investment funds from a mentor. If a specific investment or granting of equity is discussed you must notify the Rollins Center by contacting the Mentoring Coordinator or the Director of the Rollins Center.
  4. By participating you acknowledge that mentors are offering their time, experience, and advice on a strictly voluntary basis. It is the student’s responsibility to evaluate advice and decide whether and how to act on any advice given at his or her sole discretion. Mentors and BYU do not have liability and are held harmless for your ultimate business decisions.
  5. Violation of the Student Code of Conduct may result in expulsion from the program.