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Next Event Date and Time

Thursday, 25 February 2021
10a.m.– 1 p.m.


Virtual within the Handshake platform.


Please note this fair will be hosted virtually within the Handshake platform. As employers, you will need create an account on Handshake and then set up availability slots that students can sign up for to talk to you during the fair.

You can register up until the day of the fair, however, it is strongly recommended to register early so students can be aware that you are participating and you have time to create availability slots that students can sign up for in advance. Students will be able to begin scheduling appointments on 18 February.

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BYU Startup Career Fair is a singular opportunity for BYU’s talented students to connect with Utah startup companies in a unique and targeted career fair.


At BYU Startup Career Fair local startups are able to tap the talent of BYU’s students for internships and jobs. BYU Startup Career Fair is different from other career fairs. Students are excited to attend as they know they will be engaging with fast-growing and dynamic companies whose opportunities will provide them meaningful ways to broaden their skillset and directly impact the businesses bottom line.

BYU Startup Career Fair is open to all students but targeted toward students from the following majors/disciplines:

Public Relations

Information Systems
Computer Science
Information Technology
Life Sciences
Industrial Design
Graphic Design


We expect participating companies to offer at least one of the opportunities listed below. The key for us is to provide meaningful and valuable opportunities for students at early-stage and growth-stage startup companies.

  • Internship (Paid or Unpaid)
  • Job (Full- or Part-Time)

Benefits of Participation

  • Gain exposure and access to hundreds of first-class students
  • Opportunity to network with other Utah startups
  • Chance to partner with BYU in acquiring future student talent


We know cash is critical for startups and most can’t afford to attend BYU’s Career and STEM fairs so we keep the cost of our fair as low as possible. We are not trying to make money, we just want to cover our costs and help support Utah’s amazing entrepreneurial ecosystem. Given the pandemic’s impact on startups and the fact this year’s event will be virtual, we will not be charging for this year’s event.

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Utah has a dynamic and thriving community of startups. These companies represent the future business success of Utah and beyond. While many Fortune 500 companies recruit regularly at BYU, most local startups do not get this opportunity. BYU Startup Career Fair bridges that gap. BYU Startup Career Fair has four main purposes:

  • Build awareness and excitement about Utah’s dynamic and thriving startup community
  • Give BYU students exclusive access to Utah’s renowned entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Provide career opportunities for BYU students at Utah startup companies
  • Educate Utah startup companies about the talent-sourcing opportunities at BYU

Contact Information

Jeff Brown
Associate Director Operations
BYU Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology
(801) 422-2815