Although some students start their own business and pursue that full-time straight out of school, not all entrepreneurial management students follow that path. Many will pursue a position in an established organization that allows them to utilize their innovation and entrepreneurial management sills (such as product development, product management, product marketing, or sales). Students have been hired by firms such as Kohls, Barclays Capital, General Mills, Aramark, and Qualtrics. Others have pursued internship or full-time opportunities with local startups and growth companies. 

That said, whether during school or at some point later in life, the entrepreneurship program strives to provide students with the skills and confidence to pursue their own ventures. BYU Marriott entrepreneurship students have an impressive and constantly growing list of successful companies, including 1-800-Contacts, Allegiance,, J Dawgs, KT Tape, Novi Security, HM Cole, Eco-Scraps, FiberFix, Owlet, Estify, KiTech, and Entrata (formerly Property Solutions), among others.