At a Glance

What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurs seek to make the world a better place by creating valuable products and services that improve the lives of customers and add value to the economy. Entrepreneurs may create and start business ventures to bring these ideas to market, while others pursue these efforts as employees in companies ranging from startups to established firms. Others may focus on acquiring, owning, and managing business ventures of all sizes and types. No matter where they find themselves, entrepreneurs seek to discover problems and innovate to solve those problems. 

What Can Entrepreneurial Management Graduates Do?

Graduates typically create, launch, and manage a new business venture, work for startup ventures or rapidly growing enterprises, or join a larger established company in a product development and business development role.

Previous companies entrepreneurship students have started include: 1-800-Contacts, Allegiance,, J Dawgs, KT Tape, Novi Security, HM Cole, Eco-Scraps, FiberFix, Owlet, Estify, KiTech, and Entrata (formerly Property Solutions). Students have also been hired by larger firms such as Kohls, Barclays Capital, General Mills, Aramark, and Qualtrics.