Research Assistants

Students interested in gaining research experience can work in the lab as research assistants for various faculty members. Before working in the lab, students must complete IRB training, obtain a SONA ID, and complete a one-hour training.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

The IRB is an on-campus office in charge of research projects oversight. The job of the IRB is to ensure that any human subjects used as research participants are protected and treated ethically by the researchers based on federal regulations.

All researchers and research assistants must complete IRB training before they will be approved to conduct research at the university. Upon completion, a certificate will be given to the participant that must be attached to all future projects’ IRB applications. To complete the training, please click here.

In addition to training, researchers and research assistants must complete an IRB application for every research project they conduct. Researchers and their research assistants must wait until they receive IRB approval before they can begin administering any studies. IRB applications are under the “Getting Started” link on the BYU IRB website

For questions or more information about IRB procedures, visit the IRB office at A-285 ASB or visit the BYU IRB website.

SONA System

BYU Marriott utilizes the SONA system to manage scheduling of studies. To begin using the system, researchers and research assistants must first have a Researcher account created for them by the lab manager. To have this account created, email the lab manager. Once an account is created, the researcher or research assistants will receive an email from SONA with a username and password to log into the system.


Before conducting any studies, please email the lab manager ( for instructions and guidelines on using the lab.

Conducting Lab Studies

When conducting studies in the Marketing and Behavioral Research Lab, it is important that research assistants adhere to the following standards:

  • Practice run: Before a new survey is administered, a research assistant should perform a run-through to ensure that the technology is functional and all needed supplies are available.
  • Arrive early: All research assistants should be in the lab at least thirty minutes early to set up the study and perform any other necessary tasks. This includes opening the dividers for participants, logging onto the computers, and pressing F11 to have the survey appear in full-screen mode.
  • Timing: Research assistants should open the lab door to begin letting in participants either on time or a minute early. The door can be left open for a few minutes following the start of the study (to allow for latecomers depending on the flow of the study), but this is left to the discretion of the research assistants.
  • Pre-study instructions: Before entering the lab to participate in a study, research assistants should remind participants in the hallway that during the study they cannot talk with each other, they must turn off their electronic devices, and they should raise their hands if anything is needed.
  • Check IDs: When first seating participants, research assistants must check ID cards and record which participants showed up and which did not.
  • End of study: When the study is completed, the research assistant should thank and debrief all participants according to the instructions of the given professor.
  • Grant credit: Following a study session, the research assistant should grant credit to all subjects who participated and mark any unexcused no-shows.
  • Clean lab: All research assistants must ensure that the lab is properly organized and cleaned immediately following the administration of a study. This includes putting away all supplies, securing all headphones, logging off all computers, and cleaning all whiteboards.


BYU students interested in working as a research assistant can apply by emailing a cover letter and résumé to Darron Billeter.