No, unfortunately the system only allows researchers to award credit to an individual who has signed up for a time slot in their study. However, you can check back online at a later time to see if anyone cancels. Currently the system does not have a feature that allows for waiting list signups.

There is no set schedule for when professors decide to post research studies. All students will be notified of opportunities simultaneously via e-mail and have an opportunity to sign up for studies on a first come, first served basis until a study reaches its participation quota. Be patient. There will be more opportunities toward the end of the semester. Do not contact the lab manager to ask when another study will be available. Please wait for email notification of a new study, or feel free to check the SONA system as regularly as you like.

No, you cannot double count studies. If you are in another class participating in extra credit, you must distribute your credits to each of your courses using SONA.

Participation is strictly voluntary and data used for research purposes is always aggregated and kept anonymous. If you do not wish to be notified of research opportunities, simply contact the behavioral lab manager(byulabmanager@gmail.com).

You must attend and be on time to the study sessions for which you sign up. If you have two unexcused no-shows your SONA account will be limited, and you will no longer be able to sign up for regular research studies. At that point you will need to complete a research alternative if you wish to earn extra credit. You can prevent having unexcused no-shows by attending your correct sessions or emailing the study researcher at least one hour before the study begins to state you cannot make the session.

They typically take place in the lab in 340 TNRB; however, they can take place in other rooms in the Tanner Building and around campus. Pay close attention to the location information. You will be notified via email and within SONA of where the studies take place.