Adding Subjects to a Study Pool

The BYU Marriott subject pool is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students in business classes. Business classes include marketing, accounting, HR, information systems, experience design, and public administration courses. Professors who provide course credit for student participation in these studies support fellow faculty members and assist in BYU Marriott research productivity.

Faculty members can access two BYU Marriott subject pools: a paid research pool and a student subject pool. The paid research pool includes Provo-area adults, including BYU students, who are paid $5 for every thirty minutes of participation. The student subject pool consists of BYU Marriott students who are offered extra credit for their participation. All professors within BYU Marriott can invite their students to participate. While the extra credit subject pool operates throughout the year, the paid subject pool is organized on a more limited basis. 

To add a class into the subject pool, complete the following steps:

  1. Email the lab manager( to give permission for your class to be included in the subject pool
  2. Within the email, detail the class name, professor and section to be added
  3. Specify the number of research credits for class members to complete
  4. State whether the lab manager should make an in-class announcement about the lab (recommended)

The number of research credits required for students to receive the full amount of class credit can be unique for each class. Typically, professors will require up to six research credits in exchange for 1.5 percent extra credit on the final grade (making each research credit worth .25 percent extra credit) or as substitution for a class assignment, but each professor can choose to require from two to six research credits. Generally students receive one research credit for every thirty minutes of participation. 

At the end of the semester or term, professors will receive an Excel sheet from the current lab manager that gives a detailed account of the number minutesĀ each student completed. If students have any questions about participating in studies, they can email the lab manager(