Conducting Research

In order to complete a study, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain IRB approval: To gain approval, please visit the university IRB site.
  2. Schedule use of the Marketing and Behavioral Research Lab: In order to schedule the lab, sign into your tools in the upper righthand corner of the Marriott School website. In the tools menu, select TNRB Room Reservations, then click Request Rooms. Select Faculty Research Lab and your desired time. For any questions, email
  3. Create a SONA account by emailing the lab manager: SONA is an online scheduling platform used to manage student participation in research studies
  4. Upload the study to SONA: Upload your study by going to the SONA website and clicking on “Add New” under the heading “Studies.” For every thirty minutes of participation, students should receive one credit point. Once the study is uploaded to SONA, send the approval to the lab manager. Be sure to complete the description of the study and include your IRB approval number.
  5. Add time slots: To allow student signups, click on the study information page on SONA and then scroll to the bottom of the page to click on “View/Administer Time slots”.
  6. Compose email: Alert the subject pool to available time slots by sending an email to the lab manager (, who will then email all participants through the SONA system.
  7. Administer study: Perform the study according to IRB regulations. Afterwards, be sure to grant credit to all participants. Students should have the credit posted to their accounts within a week.