Faculty Fellows

Our Faculty Fellows program is designed to help BYU professors with research and activities that have a social impact.

Benefits include the following:

  • Funding for research assistants
  • Funding for faculty-directed, student-led programs and classes

Who are Faculty Fellows?

Faculty Fellows at the Ballard Center are BYU professors who are not only doing incredible research—they are also finding ways to use their research to help make the world a better place.

Becoming a Faculty Fellow will give you access to resources that will help you make a greater impact on the social problems that you are working to solve.

Get Support for Your Research Assistants through the Ballard Center

If your research gives students an opportunity to learn how to solve social problems, you can qualify for financial support for your research assistants. Hiring them through the Ballard Center (with you as their direct supervisor) means that we provide the administrative support that student employees require. We also offer multiple opportunities for you and your students to gain a deeper understanding of social impact best practices.

Interested in becoming a Faculty Fellow?

Contact Aaron Miller, BYU faculty member and Ballard Center associate managing director.

Aaron Miller

Faculty Fellows Program Director

Ballard Center for Social Impact

Phone: (801) 787-3210

Email: aaronmiller@byu.edu