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Qualified students can apply to receive funding for internships, research, and various opportunities in the field of social impact. Before applying, please thoroughly read through this page to understand if you qualify for a grant.

If you are requesting a grant for a trip that will include traveling outside of the United States, pay special attention to the Travel Restriction Information section below.

Ballard Center Grant Process

This is the scoring process that we use for all grants.

1.  Person Score: To provide individuals a score, Ballard Center representatives seek to understand student involvement within the various Ballard Center programs, classes, etc. All students receiving grants are passionate about social innovation and want to (1) work in social innovation, (2) start a social venture, and/or (3) find new ways to tackle social problems via research. Students receive a score of 1–10 based on the following criteria:

  • 9–10 score. The student has received the Global & Community Impact Minor or the Ballard Scholar for Social Impact and is involved with other Ballard Center programs.
  • 7–8 score. The student has a committed plan to receive the Global & Community Impact Minor, has taken the two Ballard Scholar foundation courses, and is involved with at least one other Ballard Center for Social Impact program.
  • 5–6 score. The student has a committed plan to receive the Global & Community Impact Minor and has taken MSB 375: Social Innovation Do Good Better.
  • 3–4 score. The student has completed two or more Ballard Center for Social Impact courses and participates regularly in one or more of our events or clubs.
  • 1–2 score. The student has been involved with the Ballard Center for Social Impact in some way.

2.  Experience Score: The Ballard Center for Social Impact seeks to understand how likely the experience is aligned with the Ballard Center’s mission to teach students how to solve social problems. For an internship, consulting, or research opportunity to obtain a high score, it needs to meet one or more of the following criteria:

Please note that many applications fall somewhere between the Likely and Very Unlikely (see picture for more context). The scores are weighted according to our criteria and all other applications. If you don’t fall into the Likely category, make a case for yourself or your organization in the grant application (“I may not fit this criteria, but . . .”).

Travel Restriction Information

Students can apply for grants to receive funding for social impact internships, consulting, and research through the Ballard Center for Social Impact. However, please note that travel to certain countries will be disqualified for funding if listed on BYU’s Travel Restrictions List with a number 3 or 4. (Find that list at and click on Travel Restrictions List).

Any student seeking a grant to travel to a country that is marked with a 3 or 4 on the Travel Restrictions List CANNOT receive funding. Countries that are listed with a 1 or 2 still need to go through a security approval process. This process can take more than six weeks after two additional Ballard Center forms are completed. These security forms need to be received from Jill Piacitelli, associate director of the Ballard Center. Please note that going through the approval process does not guarantee that travel to those countries will be approved for funding.


How much is a typical grant?

Grant amounts vary based on need, project details, and other criteria. Grants are intended to provide reimbursement for travel expenses such as airfare and daily living costs. Please note that you will be asked in the application about other sources that you have pursued for funding, including family resources, before asking for a grant amount.

How often are grants reviewed?

Grant requests are normally reviewed twice a semester in fall and winter semesters, less often in spring and summer terms.

Apply for Grant

Send an initial application email to our associate director Jill Piacitelli after carefully reading the information on this webpage. Include a short explanation of your grant request along with a self analysis of the two criteria listed above: your person score and the experience score. Jill will reply with additional questions.


You can also contact us with any questions you may have prior to or after applying. We’d love to hear from you.