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Land a Job in Social Impact

The Ballard Center connects students with internship and career opportunities at the most socially innovative organizations. We offer on-campus opportunities (Social Impact Projects and Corporate Social Impact Projects) and off-campus opportunities. Our partners fit the following two criteria:  

  1. They are innovative, scalable, financially sustainable, and supportive of self-reliance with a high social impact.
  2. They are well established and recognized in the field of social innovation.

To learn more about the types of organizations that we partner with, please click here.

How to Get Involved

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Social Impact Projects (SIP)

Social Impact Projects (SIP) is an on-campus internship program where you can work on innovative projects worldwide for award-winning organizations that make a difference.

Go to the SIP Website

Corporate Social Impact Projects (CSIP)

The Corporate Social Impact (CSI) course is an MBA and undergraduate on-campus internship program that provides a rich experience working on projects for top companies.

These companies, many of which are the best in the world at implementing CSI initiatives, include the following: 

  • Microsoft
  • Walmart 
  • Cisco
  • LEGO
  • doTERRA
  • P3 Utah


  • Use your skill set in a hands-on approach to learning and develop vital skills in project management, teamwork, and communication
  • Contribute to solving social issues and make an impact on people around the world
  • Strengthen your résumé and get internship experience while earning three university credits
  • Work directly with CEOs and directors of world-class organizations

What to Expect

Your Corporate Social Impact Project will be an on-campus internship where you and a team of three to five student volunteers are paired with a partner organization such as Apple or Microsoft to help that organization find solutions to the challenges of its cause.

Students are expected to complete the following:

  • Contribute seven to nine hours of work per week.
  • Learn problem-solving skills and collaborate with other teams during class.
  • Commit to giving a professional effort and delivering high-quality work.

Teams will work with their partner organization to innovate solutions for the world’s most pressing social problems such as poverty, health care, education, and economic development. The world needs your talents.

How to Apply

Each partner and project requires different skills; partners need interns with skills ranging from financial modeling to video editing, and everything in between. We encourage all MBA students to apply. Students who are accepted have a passion for solving social issues and can adhere to the time commitments for a project.

  1. Submit an application here, and be prepared to upload a résumé.
  2. Register for MSB 491R Section 003.
  3. When projects become available close to the start of the semester, we will invite you to review those projects and indicate your preferences.
  4. Team assignments are made by the Monday before the add/drop deadline.

NOTE: Some projects require none of the specified skills on the application, so don’t be intimidated or back out of applying. Applying should take 5 to 15 minutes. 

What Will I Do?

The simplest answer: we don’t know. 

Because we are working with real-world partner organizations and their actual work in the field, we won’t know the details of their needs until close to the beginning of the semester.

However, we do know that every semester we have close to 30 projects that require a diverse set of backgrounds and skills to accomplish them. When you register, you’ll be asked to identify your skills and interests. Later, when projects become available, you’ll be able to choose your favorites, and we will do our best to pair you with one of your top three choices.

Still unsure? Email, and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Off-Campus Internships

Intern with industry-leading companies and organizations in the field of social innovation! 

View the opportunities listed below, or schedule an advisement session with us to discuss internships and grants. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us

Job & Internship Resources

Search Engines

Looking for a job or internship that will improve the world? Start your search here:

Social Innovation Job Boards

Looking for a job or internship specifically in the field of social innovation? Check out these job boards, all posted from vetted companies, to find available positions:

Local Opportunities

The Ballard Center often connects students to internships at the following local entities:

  • Academy for Creating Enterprise: “Creating Jobs Where There Are No Jobs.”
  • Self-Reliance Services: A program hosted by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
  • Sorenson Impact Center: A think-and-do tank with a 360º command of the social impact space.
  • University Impact: An impact investing firm that addresses the world’s social and environmental problems by making investments that focus on innovative, sustainable, and scalable impact solutions. 

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