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Transform Your BYU Experience at the Ballard Center for Social Impact

The Ballard Center for Social Impact teaches students how to solve social problems. With more than 30 different programs and students from all majors, we are the largest social impact center in the world.

“I served my mission extensively working with refugees. I came home with a burning desire to continue helping them but didn’t know where to start. When I heard about the Ballard Center’s mission to help students solve social problems, it deeply resonated with me, and I’ve been involved ever since.”

—Courtney, Sociology

Our advisors help you know where to begin. Come prepared to talk about your interest in solving social issues, and we’ll provide information about opportunities at the Ballard Center for Social Impact including classesclubsinternshipscompetitionsevents, and more. 

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“For years I felt powerless in combating social problems as big as the ones I saw in the news. . . . Being involved with the Ballard Center has helped me find training and resources to make an impact.”

—Juan Camargo, Economics