Program Overview

What Will I Study?

Strategy students learn and apply several key strategy frameworks and analytic techniques. Strategy teaches students structured problem-solving skills and methods of logic to critically analyze business scenarios and to explain their findings and recommendations in professional presentations. Case-method teaching, as well as projects with actual companies, are used to expose students to real-world issues and gain professional experience. 

Specifically, students will learn about industry analysis with special focus on competitors, customers, suppliers, economic conditions, industry structure, demographics, social trends, technological change, etc. Students will also learn how to analyze the resources and capabilities of companies in a competitive context. Competitive dynamics, including game theory, will also be covered in depth as well as corporate strategy, which focuses on firm growth issues such as diversification and vertical integration, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic alliances.

Program Structure 

The strategy major is a 64-credit hour limited enrollment program. The program accepts sixty-five students (fifty majors and fifteen minors) yearly to start strategy coursework in the Fall semester. Students are encouraged to take 12–15 credits each semester after admittance so they can graduate in 3–4 semesters. Students take the strategy junior core, a seven-credit envelope of classes, their first semester.

Fall Semester

  • STRAT 326 Career Development (1.0 credit)
  • STRAT 401 Strategy 1 (3.0 credits)
  • STRAT 402 Strategy Analytics (3.0 credits)
  • STRAT 431 Strategic Thinking (1.5 credits)

Winter Semester

  • STRAT 411 Strategy II (3.0 credits)
  • STRAT 412 Strategy Analytics II (3.0 credits)
  • STRAT 432 Strategic Thinking II (1.5 credits)

Fall or Winter Semester Year 2

  • STRAT 421 Strategy Implementation (3.0 credits)
  • STRAT 433 Strategic Thinking III (1.0 credits)

Additional Elective Requirements

Students also complete three electives to allow them to customize their path in addition to the core business requirements.

Strategic Management Program Expectations

  • Read any articles and completed assignments requested by professors before the start of the semester
  • Attend orientation and kickoff event
  • Actively participate in Strategy Society events
  • Consider joining and participating relevant clubs in order to get valuable experience, such as the Management Consulting Association, Business Strategy Society, and Finance Society
  • Secure a meaningful internship during the summer between junior and senior year
  • Report internship and placement data
  • Maintain a positive attitude and contribute to the learning environment of the program
  • Become a resource or mentor to future strategy students after graduation