For questions about logistics, expectations, and more, our client success specialists are happy to assist: msbcareercenter@byu.edu, (801)-422-1924. 

Where can I park? 

Recruiters who have registered their vehicles are allowed to park in lots 40A, 40G, 39A, and 16A. View parking lots on the BYU campus map.

Do I need to do anything the day of my event? 

Please fill out this parking check-in form, so that your car is able to be cleared for parking. This one-time registration is valid for one week. 

If you cannot complete this parking form before coming to campus, please bring the following information with you to the Business Career Center when you check in: 

  • Make 
  • Model 
  • Color 
  • License Plate Number 
  • State of Registration 

Note: You are liable for any citations you receive if you fail to provide all the necessary parking information. 

Can I cater my event? 

Students are highly motivated to attend an info session or approach a booth if food is being served. This is a common and successful tactic for recruiters. You are responsible for making your own catering arrangements and will need to work directly with the vendors. The BCC takes no responsibility in ordering or serving food at your event. 

BYU has a list of preferred caters for BYU sponsored events to give you some ideas; however, any restaurant is able to deliver to BYU. Visit the BYU Catering website to learn more. 

BYU Food-To-Go is an on-campus vendor. 

Note: If using BYU Food-To-Go, you can use the short notice menu which includes items that can be ordered before noon the day before. If using other catering options, all orders must be placed at least three business days in advance. 

How can I advertise my open opportunities and connect with students? 

Tabling: Host a tabling session in one of the Tanner Building atriums to promote your information session on the morning before your information session. Please email our client success specialists (msbcareercenter@byu.edu) if you want more information on this option as we will need to reserve a space for you through Handshake.  

Handshake: You can directly message students on Handshake who fit your hiring criteria. Follow this Handshake guide on sending messages. 

Note: Career directors send out weekly newsletters to their students based on the jobs and events posted in Handshake. You can connect with a career director if you have any additional materials you would like to be sent out to their students. 

Student Academic Associations (SAAs): You can reach out to specific SAA leadership at the business school to get the word out about your company. SAAs can include details about your event in their weekly newsletters. Combined events can be planned with an SAA to help promote your company and to provide learning opportunities to students. To view a catalog of BYU Marriott SAAs and for contact information of SAA leaders, visit the SAA Directory

Digital Signage: You can create a slide to be advertised on the BYU Marriott digital monitors two weeks prior to your event.  

Note: The slide will need to be created as a PowerPoint slide and converted to a JPEG or PNG file format. Make sure your slide is a 4:3 standard size ratio. The font should be larger than 12 pt, and text should be kept to a minimum (slide will be shown for 8 seconds). Send the signage to msbcareercenter@byu.edu to have it displayed.  

Student Ambassadors: Connect with student ambassadors to get the word out about your company. Leveraging students who have previously worked for your company is an excellent resource. These student ambassadors are a valuable tool in marketing your brand and communicating the environment and culture of your company to prospective candidates. In addition, ambassadors can help promote your job posting. Find a student ambassador with the help of their program career director.

Are there any costs associated with my event? 

There is no cost for hosting events. 

The only potential fees could come from canceling a reservation to a large hosting room less than 24 hours before the event or making significant changes to the layout 24 hours beforehand. 

Campus tours are a great way to feel more connected to BYU and our students. If you have an interest in better understanding what BYU offers its students, visit the campus tours website to schedule a campus tour.