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How Professors Are Embracing ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in the Classroom
Huddle up: the third and final piece in Marriott Alumni Magazine's preparedness series looks at community preparedness.
From a young age, Melissa Larson developed a love of reading and learning, and set the goal of graduating from a university. However, as the first person in her family to pursue higher education, she wasn’t sure what it would take to achieve her goal.
You could say that Gerald “Jerry” Petersen earned his master’s degree in marketing from BYU because he loved to sing.
BYU Marriott’s Management Communication 320 course helps shape students into powerful presenters and storytellers, which impacts their trajectories.
Voluntourism is an attractive option for those who want to immerse themselves in new cultures while making a difference. It’s a lucrative industry but not all experiences are beneficial across the board.
As the class of 2023 enters the workforce, byu Marriott alumni and community members who have worked their way to executive positions share what they have learned as they have gone forth to serve.
New research shows that kind words have measurable impact on people in all walks of life, from those working in often unnoticed or undervalued positions to the coworker in the cubicle next to us. Praising others is a principle worth putting into practice, says Taeya Howell, assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resources.
Whether your business is large or small, preparing for emergencies of all types is time and money well spent. Planning ahead can keep your business afloat and even position you to come out ahead of the competition during challenging times.
We are all living a deliverance story, explains Michael S. Drake, K. Fred Skousen Professor of Accounting, in this condensed version of his byu devotional address. Deliverance is “a central and recurring theme of this film called mortality,” he says, and each of us can participate in the work of deliverance together with our Savior to ease the sufferings and burdens of others.
The MSB 380: Executive Leadership Series class is open to any student across campus and features a “fireside Q&A” format.
As he reflects on his life journey, emeritus general authority and MOB grad Larry Kacher says the unexpected stops have been most meaningful and the bumps along the way have proved most beneficial.
Is there such a thing as a good argument? It may not come naturally for many of us, but what writer Buster Benson calls “productive disagreement” can be learned and harnessed to make real change.
Often called “America’s best idea,” national parks preserve some of our country’s most stunning natural beauty. For more than a century, countless visitors have felt wonder as they’ve explored these unique sites.