The Healthcare Industry Research Collaborative (HIRC) is a research collaborative among faculty, students, and industry partners around the world. This group has two primary purposes: 1) to generate knowledge on relevant healthcare industry topics based on rigorous academic research partnered with industry leaders, and 2) provide undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to participate directly in this research, increasing experiential learning and enhancing critical thinking and research skills.

Healthcare Industry Research Collaborative

Recent Publications

Do Privacy Assurances Work? A Study of Truthfulness in Healthcare History Data Collection

An Institutional Theory Perspective on EHR Engagement: Mandates, Penalties, and Enforcement

Faculty Researchers

Anton Bowden, Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Mary Davis, Associate Professor, Microbiology & Molecular Biology

Paul Eliason, Assistant Professor, Economics

Len Novilla, Associate Professor, Public Health

Marie Prothero, Assistant Professor, Nursing

Cody Reeves, Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

Bill Tayler, Associate Director of School of Accountancy, Robert J. Smith Professor