At a Glance

What is Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)?

Global supply chain management is the business of business.

Supply chains are networks of organizations that collaborate to create and deliver all products and services in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

They manage the process of planning, sourcing, producing, improving, and delivering products and services globally. They collaborate with people, technology, and data to analyze and solve real problems to provide products and services to people when and where they need them around the world. Supply chain professionals optimize the supply chain to keep costs low, maintain quality, and retain customer satisfaction. In today’s global economy, companies compete with their supply chain processes and relationships.

What can Global Supply Chain Management graduates do?

Because of the strong reputation of the BYU Marriott GSCM program, national and international firms aggressively recruit supply chain students for internships and full-time positions. These positions include supply chain analytics, consulting, distribution operations, logistics operations, purchasing/procurement and manufacturing, inventory management and forecasting, sales, technology operations, and general supply chain management.