Finance Society

The Finance Society is the flagship, student-led organization for students interested in finance-oriented careers. 

Finance Society is the engine behind the preparation, professional development, and placement for the finance major. Upperclassmen who have completed core classwork and industry internships choose to serve as peer mentors creating a pipeline of experience and information for fellow students. Finance Society is the umbrella organization for many sub-organizations, each with their own leadership. The synergy of the Finance Society creates a supportive student community poised for success. 

Corporate Finance Club

Corporate Finance Club students receive specialized training in performing internal financial analysis for corporations of all sizes. Training includes project valuation, capital structure consulting, financial planning and analysis, etc. Students are prepared to identify strategic opportunities within a corporation, equipping them with the tools to determine the financial viability of those options.
A wide range of careers lie within Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses as a financial analyst, business consultant, corporate treasurer, data analyst, etc. Many corporations offer rotational programs that allow employees to try multiple financial roles to determine their personal interests and abilities.

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Deal Advisory Club

Deal Advisory Club students receive specialized training in valuation methodologies and procedures of companies, businesses, and assets. This includes learning technical skill sets like valuing stock compensation, tangible/intangible assets, transfer prices, entire portfolios, etc. Students also learn strategic reasoning related to different business stages and processes, such as post merger integration, financial risk management, human resource consulting, delivering deal value, and IPO readiness. Job opportunities within BVA range from analyst positions in valuation practices to associate positions in accounting advisory groups to due diligence groups to human capital consulting. The offerings are broad and very diverse.

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Investment Management Association

The BYU Investment Management Association provides a unique offering to students with an interest in the public markets. Students develop an understanding of the what, why, and how of investing across the capital structure via case studies, guest speakers, investment case competitions, networking trips, and financial modeling boot camps. To prepare for buy- or sell-side opportunities post-graduation, Investment Management Association members are trained to (1) develop an investment philosophy, (2) gain relevant experience to craft their investing story, (3) think like a business owner, and (4) become technically prepared for the intense rigors of recruiting. Graduates enjoy geographically diverse opportunities investment banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, valuation firms, etc.

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Investment Banking Club

In the Investment Banking track, students receive specialized training regarding the strategies involved with financial advisory and capital procurement for companies, governments, and other entities. This track explores the skills used by investment bankers including: industry analysis, financial statement analysis, and valuation. It also addresses issues around the underwriting of securities, risks and use of bank instruments such as money market securities, bonds, equities, loan covenants, and agreements, debentures, equity-linked debt, and asset securitization notes. Opportunities include a variety of career path, including investment banking analyst at a bulge-bracket or boutique investment firm, or consulting analyst at various management consulting firms.

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Private Banking Club

Private Banking (Wealth Management) is personalized investing and other financial services provided to high net worth individuals and small businesses. The role of a private bank is to help strategize and consult with clients and businesses in how to best grow, protect and utilize their assets. The private banking club specializes in preparing students to succeed in careers within the industry through weekly training on economic trends and investing insights. The club also assists students in networking, resume reviews & interview preparation. Opportunities include working closely with successful individuals in finance and investing.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital Club

The Private Equity and Venture Capital (PE/VC) emphasis provides students with both a broad understanding and specialized focus of buy-side opportunities. Students who pursue this emphasis develop an understanding of the what, why and how of investing via leveraged buyouts, growth equity, venture capital and corporate development. The PE/VC focus provides students with a foundation of evaluating investment opportunities including: financial evaluation, deal structure, market awareness, industry dynamics, due diligence (legal, management, market, operations, product). Finance graduates who complete the PE/VC emphasis will be well positioned for buy-side opportunities both post-graduation and post investment banking or management consulting.

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Real Estate Association

Students in the Real Estate track of the finance major receive specialized training in concepts specific to the real estate industry. This training includes exposure to mortgage financing, valuation techniques, investment analysis, property rights, real estate contracts, and more.
Graduates enjoy a wide range of job opportunities including real estate investment banker, consultant, private equity/REIT analyst, broker, asset manager, entrepreneur, etc. Real estate jobs can be found in any market across the world.

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Women In Finance Association

The Women in Finance Association (WIFA) complements the Finance Society core clubs by providing professional and career development events and opportunities specifically designed for women in the finance program and all women interested in learning more about finance.
Female alumni reportedly enjoy the marketability, creativity, flexibility, and success they have found within the finance industry.

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Why Participate?

The Finance Society prepares students for premier internships and full-time job opportunities. Active participation in the club is crucial to successfully preparing for a finance career. Finance Society activities include:

  • Networking 
  • Peer mentoring
  • Guest speakers 
  • Technical training
  • Interview coaching
  • Résumé workshops
  • Internship/job postings
  • Underclassmen Academy – Freshmen and sophomores are mentored in resumes, recruiting, networking and internship preparation, explore the finance industry 
  • Case Competitions – Competitions apply academic and technical skills to real world financial cases, and are presented to prestigious recruiting companies
  • NetTREKS – Visit company cultures & locations, network with company leaders, recruiters and workers, explore diverse career options and internship possibilities.

Join the Club

To get involved, visit the club’s CareerLaunch page or email the club.