Newly Admitted Students

Congratulations on being admitted to the finance program at the BYU Marriott School of Business! This page exists to help answer any questions you may have as a newly admitted student. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

What classes should I register for the fall semester?

You should register in the upcoming fall semester for any of the following courses you have not yet completed: MATH 118, STAT 121, IS 110. These are prerequisite courses for the core finance class. You should also register for FIN 326 in the fall semester of your first year in the program. Please keep in mind that we do NOT have waitlists or make accommodations around work schedules or other outside obligations. Also, we recommend taking 14–16 credit hours per semester.

If you have extra space in your fall schedule, other courses to consider include: M COM 320, ACC 241, IS 201, one of the lecture series courses (ENT 381, ENT 382, MSB 380, MSB 381), or any remaining GE, religion, or minor classes.

What are the finance core classes?

The core finance classes are FIN 401, FIN 410, FIN 453 and ACC 305 (ACC 310 can be taken as a substitute to ACC 305). These classes should all be taken in your first year of the program. These classes are offered both fall and winter semester with the exception of ACC 305, which is only offered in the winter semester. We encourage students to register for those classes in the earliest semester in which they are qualified to do so. Please note the following prerequisites for the finance core classes:

Core Class:Prerequisites:
FIN 326
FIN 401
FIN 410
FIN 453
FIN 411
ACC 305 / ACC 310
ECON 110 and IS 110
MATH 118 and STAT 121
ECON 110
FIN 410

What is the required FIN 326 class?

FIN 326 introduces students to the resources, services, and opportunities available at BYU Marriott and provides skills that will help them in their recruiting efforts. Students will learn how to prepare for interviews, network with professionals, and fine-tune their résumés and cover letters. Students must take FIN 326 during the fall semester, their first semester in the program. It is a 1-credit hour class.