Residency Weeks

Week 1

Residency Week 1 helps students start the program with a week of intense learning. Working with your team, you’ll tackle a physical obstacle course at Camp Williams and analyze your first case. You’ll then learn from world-class faculty how to leverage your team’s unique strengths. In addition to offering valuable professional development, Residency Week 1 builds the foundation for lasting relationships with your professors and peers.

Week 2

Residency Week 2 kicks off the second year of the EMBA with Summit Push, a two-day, hands-on learning experience. You’ll hike, rock climb, and mountain bike with faculty in beautiful Midway, Utah—all while learning how to lead change, build effective networks, and achieve career success. Then you and your team will compete in a three-day StratSim business simulation. Together you’ll launch a product line, manage its supply chain, and make real-time decisions about its features and pricing. Staying at the mountain resort and learning from internationally acclaimed speakers energizes EMBA students for their final year.