The goal of the BYU Marriott Executive MBA is to train complete leaders. We do this by educating students in three significant ways—mind, heart, and spirit.

During the program, students gain a solid understanding of the best business practices through their core classes. Then during their second year, students will select from electives allowing them to go deeper on subjects and topics of professional or personal interest. In May of the second year, all students travel on the required two-week foreign business excursion and can choose from trips to Asia, Europe, or India and the Middle East.

The BYU Marriott EMBA gives students opportunities to gather a greater understanding of the world around them. Through networking with the thousands of alumni who have gone before, traveling to explore different companies and cultures, and simply being of service to fellow classmates throughout the program, students expand their understanding and gain critical skills to assist them in a growing global economy and a global church.

BYU is uniquely positioned to provide students with more than a secular education. We tie principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ into business learning. Learning how to be Christlike businessmen and women serves students in a greater way than simply increasing their business acumen; it serves them in the business of life.

Nurturing mind, heart, and spirit creates complete leaders. Please join us and add your distinctive and valuable influence to the BYU Marriott Executive MBA.