The four-year scholarship is designed for incoming freshman. Students apply for the scholarship their senior year in high school. The ROTC Opportunity Four-year Scholarships are awarded to the most outstanding applicants. In keeping with our high standards of excellence, candidates are selected for merit-based scholarships on their scholastic achievement and extra-curricular accomplishments. Even if you’re not awarded a scholarship now, there are other ROTC scholarship opportunities once you’re on campus.

The Benefits

  • 100 percent tuition or housing and living allowance
  • $1,200 yearly book allowance
  • ROTC monthly stipend $300-$500 a month

Who’s Eligible?

Selection of winners is based on academic record, SAT or ACT test results, school officials’ evaluations, extracurricular activity, leadership and athletics, a personal interview and a physical aptitude exam. Preference is given to students pursuing degrees in engineering, the physical sciences, or nursing.

You’re eligible for the four-year ROTC scholarship if you’re ready to begin college as a full-time student, have no prior college experience, and meet the following requirements:

  • You’ll be seventeen before the scholarship is effective.
  • You’ve taken the SAT or ACT no later than November of the year you apply, and have a minimum 850 SAT or composite nineteen ACT.
  • Have good high school grades.
  • Participate in leadership, extracurricular, and athletic activities (a part time job earns you substitute credit).
  • Under twenty-seven by 30 June of the year you expect to graduate. (Qualifying veterans may be granted an age extension of up to four years).
  • Are a senior in high school or equivalent preparing to graduate or a graduate.
  • Agree to accept a commission in the U.S. Army.
  • Pursue an Army-approved academic major.
  • Meet required physical standards.

Your ROTC Commitment

As a winner of a four-year scholarship, you’re required to take an ROTC class that demands a few hours of your time each week. Upon graduation, you have an obligation to accept a commission and serve full-time in the active Army, or part-time in either the Army National Guard or the U.S. Army Reserve.


The four-year high school scholarship window normally opens the summer before the senior year on 15 June and ends on 31 January.  Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications early. 

Where to Get an Application?

Online Application