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Ronald C. Gunnell

Ronald C. Gunnell

Membership Information:

Member Since: 2010


Kaye Gunnell


Job Title: Founder
Company: The BroadStreet Group
Location: Utah, United States


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Ron Gunnell is founder and global chairman of Truth Alone Triumphs, Global Enterprises, LLC which provides global consulting and dialogue bridge building between countries with relationships in the United States, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UEA, Brazil, and India. He has presented on “India Power Talk," a digital platform that conducts webinar view podcast series for the India Chamber of Commerce. His topic was “Surviving and Thriving in Business and Life Post Covid-19.” He was invited to be the chief speaker at the 5th World Parliament of Science, Religion, and Philosophy at MIT World Peace University, Pune, India, in 2019. He is currently building strong ties with Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and India.

He serves on a number of educational and arts boards including Hale Center Theatre, Utah State University Cain College, BYU Marriott School, UVU Presidential Advisory Board, U. of U. School of Music, Legacy Film Foundation, national advisor to Best of State, Dean’s Advancement Council, Cain College, and Utah State University. He has been heavily involved in charitable and volunteer work including Mentors International - Philippines, Honduras, Guatemala, Peru, El Salvador, Operation Kids, and the board of directors of Rising Star Outreach in India. He is an ambassador board level member at World Trade Center Utah. WTC Utah is part of an international ecosystem of global connections and integrated trade and investments.

In 2000 he was called as executive producer for global talent and assistant to the president of the world renowned Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. He is responsible for securing and negotiating for world renowned musical guest artists and celebrities who perform with the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square. In 2021 he was called to be global envoy to the Tabernacle Choir presidency. In this new assignment he assists the global outreach and positive influence of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square around the world by promoting music as the universal language of peace and love.

He is the global artistic advisor to the internationally acclaimed King’s Singers based in London, England, and is on the board of their global charitable efforts world wide. He is also manager and global advisor for GENTRI, the gentleman’s trio.

He is married to Kaye Lynne Gunnell, and has three daughters, Kristen, Lauren, and Natilyn and one son, Michael, and two grandchildren, Emma and Henry.